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Subject: Media databases

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Media research guide

Media titles

  • Academic Video Online   

    Streaming video collection spanning a wide range of subject areas including anthropology, business, counseling, film, health, history, music, and more. On the Alexander Street platform.

  • Ambrose Video 2.0   

    Multidisciplinary collection of educational videos. On the Ambrose platform.

  • American Archive of Public Broadcasting    UW login not required

    The Library of Congress and WGBH in Boston have embarked on a project to preserve for posterity the most significant public television and radio programs of the past 60 years: The American Archive of Public Broadcasting. The Library and WGBH are overseeing the digitization of approximately 40,000 hours of programs selected by more than 100 public broadcasting stations throughout the nation, dating from the 1940s to the 21st century. This collection includes local news and public affairs programs, local history productions that document the heritage of local communities, and programs dealing with education, environmental issues, music, art, literature, dance, poetry, religion, and even filmmaking on a local level.

  • American History in Video   

    History streaming media database that includes primary sources (newsreels and archival footage and educational videos from PBS, History Channel and other sources. On the Alexander Street Press platform.

  • American Music   

    Streaming audio collection of musical recordings from America's past, including songs by and about American Indians, miners, immigrants, slaves, children, pioneers and cowboys, reflecting the history of Civil Rights, political campaigns, Prohibition, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, anti-war protests and more. On the Alexander Street platform.

  • Anatomy.TV   

    Database of 3D videos on all parts of human anatomy. Includes Perceptive Adaptive Learning Modules that tailor learning to the individual, using past and current performance to optimize the spacing and sequencing of learning events. Access limited to 5 simultaneous users.

  • Art and Architecture in Video   

    Art and Architecture in Video delivers over 500 hours of documentaries and interviews illustrating the theory and practice of a variety of art forms and providing the context necessary for critical analysis. Ideal for both undergraduate and graduate courses, the works within this collection offer a dynamic tool to enhance understanding of visual media.

  • Asian Film Online: Volumes I and II   

    Asian Film Online offers a view of Asian culture as seen through the lens of the independent Asian filmmaker. Through a selection of over 1,000 narrative feature films, documentaries and shorts curated by film scholars and critics, the collection offers highly relevant perspectives and insights onto themes relevant across Asia, including modernity, globalization, female agency, social and political unrest, and cultural and sexual identity.

  • BBC Landmark Video Collection   

    Collection of BBC-produced high-definition documentary films about the natural world, including the following series: Blue Planet, Planet Earth, Life, Frozen Planet, Life Story, and Spy in the Wild. On the Alexander Street platform.

  • BBC Video Collection   

    BBC Video Collection provides streaming access to 700 BBC films. Viewers can explore relevant, timely documentaries on topics that span multiple subjects, such as history, anthropology, science, religion, health sciences, art, and more.

  • Black Studies in Video   

    Black Studies in Video features award-winning documentaries, newsreels, interviews, and archival footage surveying the evolution of Black culture in the United States. In partnership with California Newsreel, the database provides unique access to their African American Classics collection, and includes films covering history, politics, art and culture, family structure, social and economic pressures, and gender relations.

  • Business Education in Video   

    Video collection of executive interviews, corporate training video, case studies, How To features and documentary films that focus on all aspects of the global business environment. Subjects covered include globalization, operations & logistics, management, marketing, finance, strategy, entrepreneurship, macroeconomics, microeconomics, international business, negotiations, ethics, cross-cultural communication, technology, and more.

  • Caribbean Studies in Video: The Banyan Archive   

    Caribbean Studies in Video presents more than 1,000 hours of edited and unedited footage from the Banyan Production company, the first Caribbean enterprise to produce original TV content in the 1970s. Available for the first time in streaming format, their programs are filled with interviews of key personalities across disciplines; theater, music and dance performances; documentaries on rituals and cultural practices; political events and much more.

  • Classical Music in Video   

    Classical Music in Video will contain 1,000 hours of classical music performances and masterclasses captured on video—approximately 1,500 performances in all. The collection will contain performances of all forms of classical music, including major orchestral performances by leading orchestras, plus chamber music, oratorio, and solo performances, along with masterclasses and interviews with master teachers from around the world.

  • Classical Music Library   

    Streaming audio collection featuring a wide variety of classical music recordings. On the Alexander Street platform.

  • Contemporary World Music   

    Streaming audio collection featuring a wide variety of music recordings from around the world. On the Alexander Street platform.

  • Criminal Justice and Public Safety in Video   

    Criminal Justice and Public Safety in Video includes hundreds of hours of video for professionals and students in criminal justice and public safety. Documentaries and interviews provide personal field experiences as well as insight into the function and controversies of the justice system. Students will benefit from invaluable training videos that demonstrate how to respond to potentially-dangerous situations, all from the safety of the classroom. Featuring titles by In the Line of Duty, BBC, and A&E Television, Criminal Justice & Public Safety in Video provides an authoritative resource for both students and experts.

  • C-SPAN Video Library    UW login not required

    The C-SPAN Video Library is one of the most comprehensive video archives of governmental and political content, with over 230,000 hours of programming. The Video Library records all three C-SPAN networks seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. Programs are extensively indexed, making the database of C-SPAN programming an unparalleled chronological resource.

  • Dance in Video   

    Dance video-streaming database that covers dance productions and documentaries covering the 20th century. On the Alexander Street Press platform.

  • Dance Studies Collection   

    Dance video-streaming database that covers dance productions and documentaries covering the 20th century. On the Alexander Street Press platform.

  • Dental Education in Video   

    Dental Education in Video is a video encyclopedia of dentistry and dental technique, delivering instant online access to hundreds of high-definition videos featuring world-renowned clinicians and educators. It provides hundreds of hours of demonstrations from American Dental Association-approved content partners, together with interviews and lectures, for students and faculty in dental surgery, medicine, oral hygiene, assisting, and nursing.

  • Diagnosing Mental Disorders   

    Database of videos examining various characteristics, diagnoses, co-morbidities, and differential diagnoses using the DSM-5™ and the ICD-10. On the Alexander Street platform.

  • Docuseek2 Complete Collection   

    The Docuseek2 Complete Collection provides exclusive educational streaming access to important films from renowned leaders in documentary distribution, including Bullfrog Films, Icarus Films (including The Fanlight Collection and dGenerate Films), Kartemquin Films, KimStim, the National Film Board of Canada, and Terra Nova Films.

  • DRAM   

    Streaming audio music collection featuring contemporary classical and jazz recordings issued by New World Records, Composers Recordings, and other labels.

  • Education in Video   

    Education in Video provides resources for both new and experienced teachers, tools to increase their knowledge and skills, and for education faculty to link abstract theories of education to real-world students and classrooms.

  • Environmental Studies in Video   

    Environmental Studies in Video will contain 500 hours of film covering all realms of environmental studies, particularly ethics, policy, economics, law, sociology, planning, and environmental science. The collection addresses specific topics including alternative energy, pollution control, eco-design, sustainability, farming and agriculture, the food industry, LEED certification, waste issues, and climate change.

  • Ethnographic Video Online: Volumes 1-4   

    Streaming video collection including ethnographic films, documentaries, select feature films, and previously unpublished fieldwork. Volumes 1 and 2: Foundational Films; Volume 3: Indigenous Voices; Volume 4: Selections from Ethnographic Film Festivals and Archives. On the Alexander Street platform.

  • Ethnomusicology: Global Field Recordings   

    Collection of ethnomusicological audio recordings, videos, field notebooks, journals, and photographs documenting various musical traditions around the world, drawn from the UCLA Ethnomusicology Archive and the University of Washington Ethnomusicology Archives. On the Adam Matthew platform.

  • Filmakers Library Online   

    Multidisciplinary video-streaming platform presenting award-winning documentaries and independent films. The collection contains 1,019 films and 806 hours of content. Transcripts are available for 87% of the collection. On the Alexander Street Press platform.

  • Films on Demand   

    An extensive collection of documentaries on a wide variety of subjects, including productions from A&E Networks, HBO, BBC, PBS and many more.

  • Health and Society in Video   

    Health and Society in Video defines and explores today’s latest medical progress in health and wellness issues and their impact on society--with hundreds of premium documentaries, profiles, reports, and interviews.

  • Jazz Music Library   

    Streaming audio collection featuring a wide variety of jazz music recordings. On the Alexander Street platform.

  • JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments)   

    Video journal offering demonstrations of experiments in biology, neuroscience, immunology and infection, medicine, bioengineering, engineering, chemistry, environment, and developmental biology.

  • Kanopy   

    Collection of streaming videos licensed by UW Libraries, including documentaries, indie and foreign films, classics and blockbuster movies.

  • Latin America in Video   

    Latin America in Video offers original language documentaries from some of the most important producers and independent filmmakers in Latin America. The films were produced in Latin America, by Latin Americans, about Latin American issues, such as cultural identity, political history, human rights, popular culture, agribusiness, education, religion, and much more.

  • LGBT Studies in Video   

    LGBT Studies in Video is a cinematic survey of the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people as well as the cultural and political evolution of the LGBT community. Features award-winning documentaries, interviews, archival footage, and select feature films exploring LGBT history, gay culture and subcultures, civil rights, marriage equality, LGBT families, AIDS, transgender issues, religious perspectives on homosexuality, global comparative experiences, and other topics.

  • Medical Imaging in Video   

    Database of training videos covering key topics in patient diagnosis and treatment, including radiography and sonography, radiation therapy, equipment, patient communication, and more. On the Alexander Street platform.

  • Meet the Press   

    Meet the Press from Alexander Street makes over 1,500 hours of footage—the full surviving broadcast run to date—available online in one cross-searchable interface. Meet the Press specializes in interviews with national leaders on issues of politics, economics, foreign policy, and other public affairs, along with panel discussions that provide opinions and analysis.

  • Met Opera on Demand: Student Access   

    Met Opera on Demand: Student Access provides streaming access to more than 600 full-length Metropolitan Opera performances. Scroll down past the featured titles to access search and browse functions on the site.

  • Music Online: Listening   

    Multidisciplinary collection of musical recordings and videos. On the Alexander Street platform.

  • Naxos Music Library   

    Streaming audio collection of classical music recordings with supporting reference information. On the Naxos platform.

  • Naxos Music Library Jazz   

    Streaming audio collection of jazz music recordings. On the Naxos platform. Access liminted to 30 simultaneous users.

  • New World Cinema: Independent Features and Shorts, 1990–Present   

    New World Cinema: Independent Features and Shorts, 1990–Present includes over 200 full-length feature films from leading independent distributors such as Kino Lorber, First Run Features, Film Movement, and Global Lens. There are also some 50 award winning short films. All films were presented at major film festivals, many were nominated for awards, and many have won major awards. Collectively the films in the database have won more than 1,000 awards.

  • Nursing Assessment in Video   

    Collection of videos providing demonstrations and step-by-step instructions for performing physical assessments of patients. On the Alexander Street platform.

  • Nursing Education in Video   

    Collection of videos focused on the education and training of nurses, nursing assistants, and other healthcare workers. All of the videos in the collection have been created with the guidance of the Medcom-Trainex advisory board, and are regularly reviewed for accuracy, currency, and compliance with US Federal regulations from agencies such as OSHA and CMS. On the Alexander Street platform.

  • Paley Center Seminars   

    Media full-text database of interviews and panel discussions recorded at the Paley Center for Media. On the ProQuest platform.

  • Pharmacology World   

    Collection of instructional videos on key concepts in pharmacology. Covers all major drug classes and include mechanism of action, key pharmacokinetics, major therapeutic uses, and common and serious adverse effects. Part of the STAT!Ref collection on the TDS Health platform.

  • Popular Music Library   

    Streaming audio collection featuring a wide variety of popular music recordings. Genres represented include alternative, country, Christian, electronic, hip-hop, metal, punk, new age, R&B, reggae, rock, soundtracks and more. On the Alexander Street platform.

  • Rehabilitation Therapy in Video   

    Rehabilitation Therapy in Video provides streaming video for the study of occupational therapy, physical/physiotherapy, and speech-language pathology. The collection includes footage of top clinicians and academics explaining the underlying anatomical and neurological issues in specific patient populations, while demonstrating effective techniques and methods for their treatment. All of the video has been thoroughly indexed to allow users to search and filter content by patient details, therapist specialization, treatment method, presenting problem, and more.

  • Silent Film Online   

    Silent Film Online brings together films which represent the basis of modern cinematic technique and film theory. The database covers silent features, serials, and shorts from the 1890s to the 1930s.

  • Sixty Minutes: 1997-2014   

    Collection of video segments from the 60 Minutes television news program, covering 18 years of broadcasts. Also includes segments from the CBS News program Sunday Morning. On the Alexander Street platform.

  • Smithsonian Global Sound   

    Database of world music recordings, produced in partnership with Smithsonian Folkways Recordings.

  • Socialism on Film: The Cold War and International Propaganda   

    Collection of documentaries, newsreels and feature films by Soviet, Chinese, Vietnamese, East European, British and Latin American filmmakers, dating from the early twentieth century to the 1980s. Sourced from the British Film Institute (BFI) archives. Modules include: Wars and Revolutions; Newsreels and Cinemagazines; and Culture and Society.

  • Sports Medicine and Exercise Science in Video   

    Sports Medicine and Exercise Science in Video covers the areas of fitness and health assessment, disease management, injury treatment, nutrition, medical fitness, sport science, work-site wellness, exercise adherence, and much more. Developed through an exclusive partnership with Healthy Learning, the world’s leading producer of sports medicine videos, the collection features an array of internationally renowned physicians, exercise scientists, certified athletic trainers, physical therapists, registered dietitians, sport psychologists, personal trainers, and health/wellness experts who share information, ideas, and insights on the principles, techniques, and modalities of modern exercise science and sports medicine.

  • Theatre in Video   

    Database containing videos of 250 plays and 100 film documentaries. On the Alexander Street Press platform.

  • USC Shoah Foundation Visual History Archive   

    Video collection of testimonies of survivors and witnesses of the Holocaust and other genocides, including the Armenian Genocide and events in Nanjing, Guatemala, Myanmar (anti-Rohingya mass violence), Rwanda (genocide against the Tutsi), Cambodia, South Sudan, and Central African Republic. Also includes interviews about contemporary antisemitic violence.

  • Veterinary Education in Video   

    Veterinary Education in Video delivers content relevant to veterinarians, vet techs, assistants, and other team members, and features demonstrations from many of the field’s most respected experts. All content in the collection comes from content partners approved by the Registry of Approved Continuing Education (RACE), an accreditation that demonstrates a dedication to high standards of quality and accuracy.

  • World History in Video   

    World History in Video is a wide-ranging collection of critically acclaimed documentaries that allow students and researchers to explore human history from the earliest civilizations to the late twentieth century. Its broad geographical and chronological coverage captures longer-term and multiple perspectives, so students can make connections across cultures and over time, incorporating people, places, events, and artifacts from around the world and across the centuries.

  • World Newsreels Online: 1929-1966   

    World Newsreels Online: 1929–1966 captures full runs of many of the key international newsreels produced during the early twentieth century. Key collections include: Universal Newsreels, Universal Studios, Les Actualites Francaises, Nippon News, and The March of Time. Produced from 1929 through the early post-war period, these films provide a unique—and until now largely neglected—resource that will give scholars real insight into how people learned about and lived through the events that occurred during this period of history.

  • Wyoming PBS    UW login not required

    Streaming video collection of television shows produced by Wyoming PBS and others, including Wyoming Chronicle, Today's Wild West, Main Street Wyoming, Farm to Fork Wyoming, Wyoming Capital Outlook, Wyoming Arts and Culture, Wyoming History, Wyoming News and Public Affairs, Wyoming Perspectives, and various documentaries and specials.

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