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Subject: News and Newspapers databases

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News and Newspapers research guide

News and Newspapers titles

  • Academic Search Premier   

    Multidisciplinary indexing/full-text database that covers scholarly journal articles back to 1975. On the EBSCOhost platform.

  • African American Newspapers, 1827-1998   

    African-American full-text archive that reproduces full runs of newspapers from 35 states. A subset of America's Historic Newspapers on the Readex platform.

  • African Newsstream   

    Access to the latest news and developments from a variety of titles including The International Herald Tribune, Africa News Service, BBC Monitoring Africa, and more.

  • Alt-PressWatch   

    Alternative press indexing/full-text database that covers journal, magazine and newspaper articles from independent publishers. On the ProQuest platform.

  • American Banker (Recent)   

    American Banker is a trade newspaper focused on banking and financial services. It covers vital developments and focuses on innovation, transformation, and disruption, as well as technology, regulation, and reform.

  • American Historical Periodicals from the American Antiquarian Society Collections 1-6 (Gale)   

    American Historical Periodicals from the American Antiquarian Society provides a history of the American people and a testament to the growth of the nation from the colonial period through to the twentieth century. The periodicals focused on American concerns and were predominantly published in the United States or Canada, though some were published overseas by Americans living abroad. On the Gale platform.

  • American Indian Newspapers   

    Database of historic pressings and contemporary periodicals of Indigenous print journalism from the US and Canada. On the Adam Matthew platform.

  • American Pamphlets, Series 1, 1820-1922   

    Key to the study of race, ethnicity, and gender in the 19th and early 20th centuries, these pamphlets span 100 years of American life, from the Jacksonian Era through the dawn of the Jazz Age. Researchers will find outstanding coverage of contentious topics related to politics and government, religion and religious movements, art and entertainment, business and economics, health and medicine, education, immigrants and ethnic groups, American Indians, slavery and the Civil War, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, women, and science and technology. Content includes speeches, orations, debates, sermons, treatises, tracts, narratives, poems, songs, memoirs, announcements, legal notices, and more.

  • American Underworld: The Flash Press   

    19th Century newspaper collection of crime, scandal, and blackmail papers. The Flash Press covered the seamier aspects of urban life in the mid-19th century. Topics covered include prostitution, gambling, urban gangs, illicit sporting activities, and sensational crimes. To many of their readers, the Flash Press also conveyed an implicit threat of blackmail, which often led to very ephemeral print runs. Unlike the “low-life” characters that they covered, the Flash Press journalists were often members of the cities’ wealthy class, and many of them were accomplished writers. Both their articles and their literary efforts are noteworthy examples of 19th-century American satire and humor.

  • AP Newsroom  

    Historic image and media database that covers Associated Press photographs, audio sound bites, graphics and text back to 1826. On the AP platform.

  • Asian Newsstream   

    This database provides access to more than 60 of the most respected national and regional sources of news and current affairs information in Asia and the Far East. Many titles are available in full text and are updated within 24 hours of publication. Publications include The Wall Street Journal Asia, China News, and The Bangkok Post.

  • Atlanta Daily World, 1931-2003   

    Historic full-text newspaper that covers from 1931 to 2003. Part of the ProQuest Historical Newspapers - Black Newspapers series.

  • Australia & New Zealand Newsstream   

    ProQuest Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) Newsstand offers access to leading Australian and New Zealand newspapers. Combining content from Fairfax Australia and Fairfax New Zealand, News Limited, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and APP newswires, ANZ Newsstand provides the very latest local, regional, and national news.

  • Baltimore Sun, 1837-1988   

    Historic full-text newspaper that covers 1837 to 1988. Part of the ProQuest Historical Newspapers series.

  • Boston Globe, 1872-1982   

    Historic full-text newspaper that covers 1872 to 1982. Part of the ProQuest Historical Newspapers series.

  • British Library Newspapers   

    Collection of digitized British regional and local newspapers from the mid-eighteenth to mid-twentieth centuries. On the Gale platform.

  • Canadian Newsstream   

    News archive of newspaper articles, television and radio broadcasts, online sources, conference proceedings, periodicals, and non-classified reports from around the world collected and translated by and for the U.S. Government.

  • Chicago Defender, 1910-1975   

    Historic full-text newspaper that covers 1910 to 1975. Part of the ProQuest Historical Newspapers - Black Newspapers series.

  • Chicago Tribune, 1849-2010   

    Historic full-text newspaper that covers 1849 to 2010. Part of the ProQuest Historical Newspapers series.

  • Church Missionary Society Periodicals   

    A database containing publications from the Church Missionary Society. The rich and diverse publications of the Church Missionary Society (CMS) shed light on key events in global history since the beginning of the 19th century. With active mission stations in every continent, the published journals, letters and reports represent a global perspective on not only evangelism and mission history but conflict, colonialism and globalization. Modules include: Global Missions and Contemporary Encounters, 18004-2009, and: Medical Journals, Asian Missions and the Historical Record, 1816-1986.

  • ClimateWire   

    A news source for the effects of climate change and its effects on business, the environment and society.

  • Communist Historical Newspaper Collection   

    Collection of Communist American and British papers: The Daily Worker (1936-1958); The Ohio Socialist (1917-1919); People's Daily World (1986-1990); People's Weekly World (1990-2013); Sunday Worker (1936-1958); The Toiler (1919-1922); The Worker (1922-1924); New York; and The Worker (1958-1968); London.

  • CQ Magazine (formerly CQ Weekly)   

    Government full-text magazine that covers the activities of the U.S. Congress back to 1983. On the CQPress Electronic Library platform.

  • Current Digest of the Russian Press   

    Founded in 1949, the Current Digest was first published as The Current Digest of the Soviet Press (1949-1991), followed by The Current Digest of the Post-Soviet Press (1992-2010), and now The Current Digest of the Russian Press. Each week the Current Digest presents a selection of Russian-language press materials, carefully translated into English. The translations are intended for use in teaching and research. They are therefore presented as documentary materials without elaboration or comment, and state the opinions and views of the original authors, not of the publisher of the journal. On the East View platform.

  • Daily Mail Historical Archive   

    The Daily Mail Historical Archive, 1896-2004, provides digital access to one of Britain’s most influential papers. With nearly 1.2 million pages of content from the paper, it includes all of the major news stories, features, advertisements and images. As well as the regular edition of the newspaper, the Daily Mail Historical Archive also includes the Daily Mail Atlantic Edition, which was published on board the transatlantic liners that sailed between New York and Southampton between 1923 and 1931.

  • Dayton Daily News   

    Historic full-text newspaper that covers 1898 to 1922. Part of the ProQuest Historical Newspaper series.

  • Denver Post   

    Historical archive of the Denver Post, published in Denver, Colorado.

  • E&E News PM   

    Full-text news database providing coverage of breaking and developing policy news from Washington DC, around the country and around the world. Updated daily at 4:30 pm Eastern time.

  • Economist Historical Archive   

    Full-text archive of The Economist magazine covering 1843-2010, containing color images, financial tables and a gallery of front covers.

  • EnergyWire   

    A source of news on business and political issues surrounding the rapidly expanding unconventional energy industry.

  • Ethnic NewsWatch   

    Minorities indexing/full-text database that covers journal, magazine and newspaper articles from ethnic and minority publishers back to 1990. On the ProQuest platform.

  • Financial Times Historical Archive   

    Advisory Editor: Professor Richard Roberts, King’s College London The Financial Times Historical Archive delivers the complete searchable run of the Financial Times.

  • Gale General OneFile   

    This multidisciplinary database includes more than 8,000 full-text titles, more than 3,600 journals, more than 25 years of backfile, and five newspaper indexes. General OneFile also features more than 500 travel guides; a full collection of National Public Radio programs from 1990 to the present, including searchable transcripts; links to over 5,000 video files including shows like the Today Show, NBC Nightly News, NRO TV, and Meet the Press; more than 3,000 full-text titles recommended by Bowker’s Magazines for Libraries.

  • Gale Primary Sources   

    A database provided by Gale that combines several of Gale's primary source databases such as Eighteenth Century Collections Online, Indigenous Peoples: North America, and several others.

  • GenderWatch   

    Gender studies indexing/full-text database that covers journal, magazine and newsletter articles, books, government documents and reports back to 1970. On the ProQuest platform.

  • Globe and Mail, 1844-2011   

    Historic full-text Toronto newspaper that covers 1844 to 2011. Part of the ProQuest Historical Newspaper series.

  • Greenwire   

    A database including news on major environmental and energy-related events.

  • Hartford Courant, 1764-1988   

    Historic full-text newspaper that covers 1764 to 1988. Part of the ProQuest Historical Newspapers series.

  • Historical Newspapers   

    History indexing/full-text database series (each listed separately) that cover newspapers. On the Chadwyck-Healey platform.

  • History Study Center   

    History Study Center is an online resource of primary and secondary sources for the study of history. It is suitable for a wide range of users, from high school students looking for quick and reliable facts on a historical topic, to researchers examining hard-to-find primary source texts. History Study Center covers global history from ancient times to the present day. Contents include reference books, essays, journal articles, historical newspaper and magazine articles, maps, rare books, government documents, transcripts of historical speeches, images and video clips. Study Units offer editorially selected material on over 500 historical topics. History Study Center provides over 40,000 documents and articles, with over 50 reference works, 3,000 images and links to 2,000 Web sites.

  • Illustrated Civil War Newspapers and Magazines   

    Searchable Civil War database that includes electronic access to HarpWeek's collection of 40+ original 19th century newspapers and magazines. On the Alexander Street Press platform.

  • Illustrated London News   

    This historical archive provides a full facsimile run of the world’s most iconic illustrated newspaper. It includes over 260,000 pages, including specials and presentation pieces, with full color imaging of every page.

  • Independent Historical Archive   

    Online archive of the Independent, a major British daily national newspaper, launched in 1986 as an antidote to its often overtly politicised rivals.

  • International Newsstream   

    International Newsstream provides the most recent news content outside of the US and Canada, with archives which stretch back decades featuring newspapers, newswires, and news sites in active full-text format. ProQuest International Newsstream provides information from more than 660 of the world's top newspapers, including The Times (London), The Bangkok Post, El Norte, Financial Times, The Guardian, Jerusalem Post, South China Morning Post, The Daily Telegraph, Asian Wall Street Journal, and the BBC Monitoring series of publications.

  • Izvestiia Archive   

    Among the longest-running Russian newspapers, Izvestiia was founded in March 1917 and during the Soviet period was the official organ of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. On the East View platform.

  • Jerusalem Post, 1932-2008   

    Historic full-text newspaper that covers 1932 to 2008. Part of the ProQuest Historical Newspaper series.

  • Jewish Advocate, 1905-1990   

    Historic full-text newspaper that covers 1905 to 1990. Part of the ProQuest Historical Newspaper series.

  • Jewish Exponent, 1887-1990   

    Historic full-text newspaper that covers 1887 to 1990. Part of the ProQuest Historical Newspaper series.

  • Korea Times   

    The Korea Times is the oldest and most influential English-language newspaper in South Korea. It is globally recognized for its coverage of international business, economic and financial news, as well as perspectives on regional issues and events.

  • Liberty Magazine, 1924-1950   

    Liberty: A Weekly for Everybody was founded in 1924 and focused on the most sensational and popular issues. During the following 26 years the magazine charted the moods, attitudes, lifestyles, fads, and fortunes of middle America through its three most significant decades.

  • Life Photo Archive    UW login not required

    Historic photo database that provides images, many published in Life, going back to the 1860s. On the Google platform.

  • Listener Historical Archive   

    The Listener was a weekly publication, established by the BBC in 1929 as the medium for reproducing radio--and later, television--programs in print. It is the only record and means of accessing the content of many early broadcasts. With major contributors including E. M. Forster, George Orwell and Bertrand Russell, it also provided an important platform for new writers and poets; W. H. Auden, Sylvia Plath and Philip Larkin being notable examples. As well as expanding on the intellectual broadcasts of the week, The Listener also discussed major literary and musical programs. 10% of its content was not connected to broadcasting at all, and it regularly reviewed new books. What united the often diverse articles was the BBC's cultural mission of educating the masses.

  • Los Angeles Sentinel, 1934-2005   

    Historic full-text newspaper that covers 1934 to 2005. Part of the ProQuest Historical Newspapers - Black Newspapers series.

  • March of Time   

    The March of Time From 1935-1967 is a groundbreaking American short-film series now available as online streaming video. Most covered poltical, economic, and military events or current affairs.

  • Meet the Press   

    Meet the Press from Alexander Street makes over 1,500 hours of footage—the full surviving broadcast run to date—available online in one cross-searchable interface. Meet the Press specializes in interviews with national leaders on issues of politics, economics, foreign policy, and other public affairs, along with panel discussions that provide opinions and analysis.

  • Middle East Newsstream   

    Full-text newspaper database that includes sources in English and French from the Muslim world back to 1988. On the ProQuest platform.

  • News (Gale OneFile)   

    InfoTrac Newsstand is a full-text newspaper resource which allows users to search articles by title, headline, date, author, newspaper section or other fields. It provides access to more than 1,100 major U.S. regional, national, and local newspapers as well as leading titles from around the world. It also includes thousands of images, radio and TV broadcasts and transcripts.

  • News, Policy & Politics Magazine Archive   

    An archival collection comprising the backfiles of 15 major magazines (including the Newsweek archive), spanning areas including current events, international relations, and public policy. These titles offer multiple perspectives on the contemporary contexts of the major events, trends, and interests in these fields throughout the twentieth century. Subject coverage includes political history, international relations, public policy, current events, diplomacy/peacemaking, democracy, military operations, global economic affairs, human rights, ethics, international development, and sustainability.

  • NewsBank   

    Collection of searchable databases containing American books, newspapers, government documents and ephemera spanning three centuries. On the Readex platform.

  • Newsday, 1940-1985   

    Historic full-text newspaper that covers 1940 to 1985. Part of the ProQuest Historical Newspaper series.

  • Nineteenth Century UK Periodicals, Parts 1 & 2   

    Collection of digitized periodicals published in Britain and its colonies during the nineteenth century. Part 1 focuses on New Readerships: Women's, Children's, Humor, and Leisure/Sport; Part 2 focuses on Empire: Travel and Anthropology, Economics, Missionary, and Colonia. On the Gale platform.

  • Philadelphia Tribune, 1912-2001   

    Historic full-text newspaper that covers 1912 to 2001. Part of the ProQuest Historical Newspaper - Black Newspapers series.

  • Picture Post, 1938-1957   

    The Picture Post Historical Archive comprises the complete archive, spanning from 1938 to 1957, all digitized from originals in full color. Picture Post’s innovative use of photo-journalism captured the imagination of the British people, with readership at its peak estimated at 80% of the population. In the era before television, it became the window on the world for ordinary people, bringing the major social and political issues of the day into popular consciousness.

  • Pittsburgh Courier, 1911-2002   

    Historic full-text newspaper that covers 1911 to 2002. Part of the ProQuest Historical Newspaper - Black Newspapers series.

  • Popular Magazines (Gale OneFile)   

    The Popular Magazines provides a strong focus on current events, sports, science, and health. Includes the full collection of National Public Radio programs, including transcripts and podcasts.

  • Pravda Digital Archive   

    Searchable access to the backfile of Pravda, available in full page images digitized from microfilm. Archive includes access to 1912-1914, 1917 to 2009. On the East View platform.

  • ProQuest Central   

    Database platform that includes 100-some other indexing, full-text and reference databases (listed separately). On the ProQuest platform.

  • Scotsman, 1817-1950   

    Historic full-text newspaper that covers 1817 to 1950. Part of the ProQuest Historical Newspaper series.

  • Service Newspapers of World War Two   

    This digital resource reveals the story of war as told by the newspapers that brought information, entertainment and camaraderie to the forces at home and overseas. Explore over 200 titles from key nations across the globe that took part in the world-changing conflict. The collection consists of newspapers published during the war years and the immediate aftermath (1939-1948). Titles from all the key theatres are featured, including some non-English material in German, Czech, Hindi, Russian, French, Italian, Afrikaans, Swahili, and other African dialects. Key topics: news coverage of key events, victories and battles; the soldier’s experience; the role and portrayal of women; activity on the home front and the civilian experience; identity and belonging; morale and propaganda; light entertainment; local news and customs; education and welfare; and empire.

  • SIRS Knowledge Source   

    Multidisciplinary search platform that covers library-licensed SIRS databases--all designed for school-aged users. On the SIRS platform.

  • Smithsonian Collections Online   

    Smithsonian Collections Online contain two magazines: Smithsonian (April 1970 to present), and: Air & Space Smithsonian (April/May 1986 to present). Other collections are: World's Fairs and Expositions: Visions of Tomorrow (1834-1940), and: Trade Literature and the Merchandizing of Industry (1820-1926).

  • Sunday Times Digital Archive, 1822-2006   

    The Sunday Times Digital Archive provides access to the full text of the paper from 1822-2006. The paper has consistently provided thoughtful analysis and commentary on the week`s news and society at large. Murder, theatre, sport and politics-all collide in its pages in an abundance of colorful detail. In the nineteenth century, The Sunday Times had similar obsessions to much of the Victorian press, with extensive coverage of court cases, executions and grisly crimes to titillate its readers. However, it also developed a reputation for its considerable arts coverage, especially the London theatre and music scene. In the twentieth century, the newspaper returned to its founding ethos of holding the powerful to account. In 1963, it formed the Insight Team, which became world famous for cutting-edge investigative journalism. The Insight Team broke many of the key stories of the twentieth century, including a decade-long campaign for the victims of thalidomide, the exposure of Kim Philby as a Soviet double agent (1st October 1967), and the revelations about the Israeli nuclear weapons programme (5th October 1986). Articles from the Insight Team have been categorized with the label "Insight" in the archive.

  • Telegraph Historical Archive, 1855-2000   

    Fully searchable digital archive of what was once the world's largest-selling newspaper. Includes issues of the Sunday Telegraph from its inception in 1961.

  • Times Digital Archive, 1785-2011   

    Multidisciplinary indexing/full-text newspaper database that covers all issues from 1785 to 2010. On the Gale InfoTrac platform.

  • Times Literary Supplement   

    Historical archive of the Times Literary Supplement containing every page of every copy of the TLS published from 1902-2011.

  • Times of India, 1838-2004   

    Historic full-text newspaper that covers 1838 to 2004. Part of the ProQuest Historical Newspaper series.

  • Toronto Star, 1894-2012   

    Historic full-text newspaper that covers 1894 to 2012. Part of the ProQuest Historical Newspaper series.

  • U.S. Newsstream   

    Full-text newspaper database that provides content from the U.S. and around the world back to 1984. On the ProQuest platform.

  • Washington Post, 1877-1997   

    The Washington Post (1877-1997) offers full page and article images with searchable full text back to the first issue. The collection includes digital reproductions providing access to every page from every available issue.

  • World News Connection Archive   

    News archive of newspaper articles, television and radio broadcasts, online sources, conference proceedings, periodicals, and non-classified reports from around the world collected and translated by and for the U.S. Government.

  • World Newsreels Online: 1929-1966   

    World Newsreels Online: 1929–1966 captures full runs of many of the key international newsreels produced during the early twentieth century. Key collections include: Universal Newsreels, Universal Studios, Les Actualites Francaises, Nippon News, and The March of Time. Produced from 1929 through the early post-war period, these films provide a unique—and until now largely neglected—resource that will give scholars real insight into how people learned about and lived through the events that occurred during this period of history.

  • Wyoming Newspapers    UW login not required

    Historic digital archive of Wyoming newspapers from their beginnings to 1922. On its own platform.

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