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Dr. Robinson Selected Publications

Statistical Methodology Publications Since 2010:

  1. Ardakani, M.K., Das, D., Wulff, S.S., Robinson, T.J. (2010) “Estimation in Second-Order
    Models with Errors in the Factor Levels”, Communications in Statistics: Theory and Methods,
    Vol. 40, 1573-1590.
  2. Robinson, T.J. and Anderson-Cook, C.M. (2011), “A Closer Look at D-Optimality for Screening
    Designs”, Quality Engineering, Vol. 23, 1-13.
  3. Das, D., Robinson, T.J., Wulff, S.S., Myers, W.R. (2011) “Optimal Screening Designs for
    Robust Parameter Design”, Journal of Statistical Theory and Applications, Vol. 10, 279-304.
  4. Kim, H.D., Wulff, S.S., Robinson, T.J. (2011) “Bandwidth Selection for Model Robust Regression”, Journal of Statistical Theory and Applications, Vol. 10, 323-346.
  5. Lu, L., Anderson-Cook C.M., and Robinson T.J. (2011) “Optimization of Designed Experiments Based on Multiple Criteria Utilizing Pareto Frontier”, Technometrics, Vol. 53, 353-365.
  6. Lu, L., Anderson-Cook C.M., and Robinson T.J. (2012) “A case study to demonstrate a Pareto frontier for selecting a best response surface design while simultaneously optimizing multiple criteria”, Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry, Vol. 28, pp. 206-221.
  7. Robinson, T. J. (2012). “Discussion of ''Optimum design of experiments for statistical inference'' by Gilmour and Trinca”, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series C Applied Statistics, Vol. 61, pp. 390-391.
  8. Robinson T.J., Pintar A., Anderson-Cook C.M. and Hamada M.S. (2012) “A Bayesian Approach to the Analysis of Split-Plot Combined and Product Arrays and Optimization in Robust Parameter Design”, Journal of Quality Technology, Vol. 44, pp.304-320.
  9. Olsen, G.M., Robinson, T.J., and Anderson-Sprecher, R. (2013) “Methods for Estimating the Upper 90th Percentile of Target Location Errors in Munitions Testing”, International Test and Evaluation Journal, Vol. 34, pp. 65-74.
  10. Lu, L., Robinson, T.J., and Anderson-Cook C.M. (2014) “Using a Pareto Frontier for Selecting an Optimal Split-Plot Design in a Mixture-Process Application”, Quality Engineering, Vol. 26, pp.424-439.
  11. Wulff, S.S. and Robinson, T.J. (2014), “What is the Probability you are a Bayesian?”, Journal of Statistics Education, Vol. 22, pp. 1-22.
  12. Cao, Y., Smucker, B.J., and Robinson, T.J. (2015) “On Using the Hypervolume Indicator to Compare Pareto Fronts: Applications to Multi-Criteria Optimal Experimental Design”, Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, Vol. 160, pp. 60-74.
  13. Cao, Y., Smucker, B.J., and Robinson, T.J. (2016) “A Hybrid Elitist Pareto-Based Coordinate Exchange Algorithm for Constructing Multi-Criteria Optimal Experimental Designs”, Statistics and Computing, Vol. 2, pp. 1-15.
  14. Avery, M., Orndorff, M., Robinson, T.J., and Freeman, L. (2016) “Regularization for Continuously Observed Ordinal Response Variables with Piecewise-Constant Functional Covariates”, Quality and Reliability Engineering International, Vol. 32, pp. 2033-2042.
  15. Cao, Y., Wulff, S.S., and Robinson, T.J. (2017) “DP Optimality in Terms of Multiple Criteria and its Application to the Split-Plot Design”, Journal of Quality Technology, Vol. 49, pp. 27-45.
  16. Yin, T., Wulff, S.S., Pierre, J.W., and Robinson, T.J. (2018), “Data Mining Application for the Western U.S. Power Grid”, Quality Engineering, in press.

Interdiscilinary Publications Since 2010:

  1. Atkinson, R.L., Toone, C.D., Robinson, T.J., Harmon, D.L., and Ludden, P.A. (2010) “Effects of ruminal protein degradability and frequency of supplementation on nitrogen retention, apparent digestibility, and nutrient flux across visceral tissues in lambs fed low-quality forage”, Journal of Animal Science, Vol. 88, pp. 727-736.
  2. Hua, Y., Robinson, T.J., Cao, Y., Shi, G.P., Ren, J., and Nair, S. (2014), “Cathepsin K knockout alleviates aging-induced cardiac dysfunction”, Aging Cell, pp. 1-9.
  3. Smith, D.R. and Robinson, T.J. (2015), “Horseshoe Crab Spawning Activity in Delaware Bay, USA, After Harvest Reduction: A Mixed Model Analysis”, Estuaries and Coasts, Vol. 38, pp. 2345-2354.
  4. Carleton, S.A., Martinez Del Rio, C., and Robinson, T.J. (2015), “Feather Isotope Analysis Reveals Differential Patterns of Habitat and Resource Use in Populations of White-Winged Doves”, Journal of Wildlife Management, Vol. 79, pp. 948-956.
  5. Kauffman, M., Peck, D., Scurlock, B., Logan, J., Robinson, T., Cook, W., Boroff, K., and Schumaker, B. (2016), “Risk assessment and management of brucellosis in the southern greater Yellowstone area: A citizen-science based risk model for bovine brucellosis transmission from elk to cattle”, Journal of Preventative Veterinary Medicine, Vol. 132, pp. 88-97.

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