Michael Dillon
Zoology and Physiology
Program in Ecology
University of Wyoming

Writing in Biology (ZOO/BOT 4100)

Spring 2012

Human physiology at altitude

Spring 2012 Advanced Topics course

Hands-on R

Graduate seminar on statistics in R, likely next offered in Fall 2014

Final project reports from Fall 2013

Human Systems Physiology

Offered in Spring and Fall, and team-taught with Carlos Martinez del Rio, Amy Navratil, Brian Cherrington, and Donal Skinner (I teach in the Spring)

Integrative Physiology

Offered in the Fall and team-taught with Donal Skinner and Amy Navratil.

Past courses

Fall 2009--R short course

Summer 2007--Journey to the edge of the Tibetan Plateau: Biology at Extreme Altitudes, a University of Washington Exploration Seminar to Western China.

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