Creating a Table

  • Click on ‘Table’ at the top of the screen, drag down to ‘Insert’ and then click ‘Table.’  The following window will appear.

  • Next, select how many rows and columns you want the table to have and click ‘OK.’
  • You can also select ‘Draw Table’ from the drop down menu under ‘Table’ at the top of the screen.  A toolbar with these icons will appear.

  • To add text, click inside a cell (any box within a table) and start typing. 

Adding rows or columns to an existing table

  • Using the ‘Draw Table’ function as described above is an easy way to add rows or columns to your existing table.
  • Click and drag the pencil cursor to draw new rows, columns or lines. 

  • Delete lines by clicking on the eraser icon in the Tables and Borders toolbar, and then click on the lines that you want to delete.

Using the Tables and Borders Toolbar

  • Choose how your text is aligned inside of a cell (right, left, center)
  • Merge cells by highlighting the ells to merge and selecting the ‘merge cells’ button.
  • Adjust columns and rows so they are evenly distributed,  and/or  Very Useful!!
  • Select the style of lines  and how thick you want the lines to be .  Simply click the pencil on existing lines to change them to the desired style.
  • You can also perform a variety of functions by right clicking inside of a cell and choosing them from the menu that appears. 

Other useful tips

  • Auto-fit contents inside of a cell by right clicking and select ‘AutoFit’èAutoFit to Contents’.  This will automatically adjust how large your cell has to be to fit the desired amount of text in it.  Very Useful!!

  • To highlight an entire row, place your cursor on the left outside line of the row. A special arrow cursor will appear.   Drag cursor across entire row.

  • To delete a row, highlight it and press the Backspace button on your keyboard. 
  • Text wrapping can be useful when working with any inserted images.  Right click anywhere inside the table and select ‘Table Properties’ from the menu.  Turn text wrapping on by clicking ‘Around’, and then click ‘OK’

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