Archaic Greece, Herodotus Focus of Summer Classics Institute at UW

May 22, 2008

The history of archaic Greece (750 B.C.-480 B.C.) will be featured at the ninth annual Summer Classics Institute June 8-13, at the University of Wyoming.

The free lecture series is supported by the Wyoming Humanities Council (WCH), which serves as a catalyst for Wyoming's collective imagination, bringing ideas to life for hundreds of organizations and thousands of people. All lectures begin at 7:30 p.m. in Room 103 of the Animal Science/Molecular Biology Building.

The institute also includes mini-courses and seminars on different aspects of archaic Greece, including the works of Herodotus, a Greek historian who lived in the fifth century and is known for writing "The Histories," a record of his inquires into the origins of the Greco-Persian Wars.

UW professor Terry Holt's presentation, titled "The Road to Marathon: Why It Took Two Hundred Years to Win a Two-Hour Battle," opens the lecture series Sunday, June 8.

The series continues Monday, June 9, with "Myth, Music and Vase Painting in Archaic Greece," by Knox College Professor Stephen Fineberg; Tuesday, June 10, with "Sparta: The Other Polis," by Holt; Wednesday, June 11, with "What Makes the Pre-Socratics Pre-Socratic? Later Philosophy's Debts to its Predecessors," by UW Professor Rob Colter; and concludes Thursday, June 12, with "Shifting Paradigms of the Greek Hero," by University of New Mexico Professor Lorenzo Garcia, Jr.

For more information on the summer institute, call the WHC at (307) 721-9243 or e-mail

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