Clean Coal Technologies Research Proposals Sought

May 2, 2008

A University of Wyoming School of Energy Resources (SER) task force is soliciting clean coal research proposals to improve the use of Wyoming's coal resources.

The Wyoming State Legislature this year appropriated an additional $3.8 million to fund the Clean Coal Technologies Research Fund. It was created to stimulate research to enhance and improve clean coal technologies, with an emphasis on the use of sub-bituminous coal at high altitudes. Proposals are due by Aug. 1.

Both academic institutions and private industry proposers may request between $250,000 and $4 million, to be matched dollar for dollar by non-state funds. Ron Harper, chair of the SER's Energy Resources Council, says proposals will be evaluated competitively based upon their probable benefits to the state of Wyoming.

"Wyoming can play a pivotal role as our nation moves toward a goal of less dependency on foreign sources of energy and at the same time balancing the needs of our environment," Harper says. "In keeping with the legislature's and the governor's vision for the future, we are seeking ways to use technology to advance the use of the state's natural resources. We have a tremendous opportunity to move forward to an environmentally-conscious energy development for the state and the nation."

Diverse research areas qualify for funding, including pre-combustion/pre-gasification, combustion and gasification design, post-combustion, post-gasification gas clean-up and advanced cycle technologies. Other eligible research areas may include air separation, carbon capture and sequestration, in situ gasification, coal to liquids or coal to hydrogen technologies, and economic analyses.

The program is administered by the governor's office with support from the SER. Details about the program and proposal preparation are available on the SER Web site, go to and click on "documents and resources."

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