Rainbow Resource Center

Rainbow Resource Center

National and Local LGBTQIA2S+ Hotlines and Support 

  • UW Counseling Center- 341 Knight Hall, free for UW students 

o   About: UCC offers individual counseling, group counseling, outreach programming, and graduate training programs. It's free, and walk-ins are accepted Go to 341 Knight Hall during walk-in-hours for a brief initial interview session with a counselor. 

o   Business & weekday hours for Fall/Spring semester: Walk in 8-5 p.m. M-F 

o   After hours/weekends emergencies: 911 or (307) 766-8989 (counselor on call) 

o   Website (services and policies): https://www.uwyo.edu/ucc/ 

  • The Trevor Project – LGBTQIA2s+ crisis intervention and suicide prevention 

o   24/7 Phone Line: 1-866-488-7386 

o   For Text: TEXT ‘START’ to 678-678 

o   Other support services available online:- http://www.thetrevorproject.org/pages/get-help-now#lifeline 

o   About: One-on-one support for coming-out, relationships, workplace, sexual safety & health, and bullying. Assistance with exploring the largest LGBTQ database in the world – information social and support groups, LGBTQ friendly organizations, and more   

o   Talkline and Online Chat Hours: 

 Monday - Friday, 2 pm to 10 pm, Mountain time 

 Saturday, 10 am to 3 pm, Mountain time 

o   LGBTQ & Questioning Online Peer Support Chat - https://www.volunteerlogin.org/chat/index.html 

o   LGBTQ, All-Ages National Talkline – 1-888-843-4564 or help@LGBThotline.org  

o   LGBTQ National Youth (up to age 25) Talkline - 1-800-246-7743 

  • Trans Lifeline – Hotline for transgender & questioning folk 

o   Staffed by transgender people 

o   Not 24/7, but available most hours, every day of the week, check availability at https://translifeline.org/  

o   1-877-565-8860 

  • PFLAG Laramie Chapter 

o   Email: pflaglaramie@gmail.com 

  • Fort Collins/Norther Colorado Chapter  

o   24/7 Hotline – for parents, families, and friends of LGBTQIA2S+ 

     (970) 407-0300 

  •    National Sucide Prevention Hotline 

    • Dial 988   

On-Campus Resources: 

  • LGBTQIA2S+ Circle : Weekly meeting of on-campus resources to exchange information about upcoming activities/issues in each resource area and to collaboratively plan for upcoming joint activities/issues as needed. For more information, contact uwma@uwyo.edu

  • Queer Community Coalition (UW RSO): A LGBTQIA2S+ support group that fosters friendship, community, and understanding.For meeting times and information, email rskorcz@uwyo.eduor queercc.uwyo@gmail.com 

  • Queer-Folks & Allied-Pokes (Q&A)" is a program (formerly known as Safe Zone) geared towards creating an inclusive environment for the LGBTQIAP2S+ community at the University of Wyoming and in the Albany County community. Through the completion of training sessions and workshops, we aim to educate individuals on issues related to the LGBTQIAP2S+ community and provide the tools for participants to become active allies. After participating in Q&A workshops, participants will not only understand some basic terms and concepts related to LGBTQIAP2S+ experiences but will also have the tools to be a visible ally to members of the community. The completion of all three trainings comes with a certificate, to be hung or displayed in an office or place of work, that indicates the holder is committed to being an active ally. For faculty and staff at UW, it also comes with a one-year membership to be featured on our website as an active ally for LGBTQIAP2S+ students to seek out.

         Workshop #1: Queer 101

         Workshop #2: Gender Affirming Practices

         Workshop #3: Rurality and History of the Wyoming Queer Community”

  • School of Culture, Gender & Social Justice (SCGSJ): 

o   Mission Statement: “The School of Culture, Gender & Social Justice (SCGSJ) provides a robust, interdisciplinary, liberal arts education that is informed by the historical, social, political, and cultural forces that shape society. Unique in its hands-on, practical approach, the SCGSJ enables students to understand complex social problems in a way that prepares them to be real-world problem solvers. Upon graduation, SCGSJ students are ready to advocate for justice, capable of developing innovative solutions to society’s most difficult problems, and prepared to lead transformative, collaborative, work in any field they choose.”  

o   About: “In any given semester, the School of Culture, Gender, and Social Justice offers a range of courses that not only help students understand complex social phenomena but help students develop skills and abilities that enable them to be agents for transformative, positive change. Whether you are looking to better understand the many social justice issues you see in the news each day, or are looking for ways to make a difference, the SCGSJ offers a range of classes for those interested in social justice.” 

o   Degree Programs Under The Academic Program of Gender and Women Studies: 

o    School of Culture, Gender & Social Justice Website Link: https://www.uwyo.edu/scgsj/ 

o    Gender and Women Studies Website Link: Website Link: https://www.uwyo.edu/gwst/index.html 

o    Phone Number: (307) 766-2733 

o    Email: scgsj@uwyo.edu

  • Albany County Safe Project 

o   Website Link: https://www.safeproject.org/university-of-wyoming 

o   24-Hotline: (307) 745-3556 

o   Office Phone: (307) 742-7273 

o   Email: campus@safeproject.org 

o   Campus Service Coordinator: Dakota 

     Phone: (307) 766-3434

  • Sexual Misconduct Investigator: Libby Thorson 

    • (307) 766-2130

  • Student Health Services 

o   Location: Cheney Building  

o   Phone: (307) 766-2130 

  • Title IX Office 

    • About: The University of Wyoming strives to provide a safe environment free from the detrimental effects of discrimination or sexual misconduct, which includes sexual harassment and sexual assault.  The University of Wyoming Title IX Office is designed to provide resources to assist students, staff, guests, or visitors who may have experienced such behavior regardless of where the misconduct took place.

    • Phone: 307-766-5200 

    • Email: report-it@uwyo.edu

  • Wellspring Counseling Clinic: offers FREE and confidential counseling services to individuals, couples, families, adults, adolescents, and children for an array of services including sexuality & identity concerns. Services are offered to UW students as well as to the Wyoming community. Counseling services are provided by advanced graduate students under qualified clinical supervision. 

o   Location: Education Building North East corner at the bottom of the building.  

  • Student Legal Services - Program offering free legal advisement and services to all fee paying students. Does not include student v. student or student v. university issues but can help students with any other situations that involves the law. Please email ahead to schedule an appointment with an attorney.  

o   Website: https://www.uwyo.edu/studentatty/ 

o   Email: sls@uwyo.edu 

  • University of Wyoming College of Law Legal Services Clinic:  The law school runs clinics where professors supervise students who work on cases and represent people at no charge.  Eligibility for the College of Law Legal Services Clinic is based upon income and type of case. If your case is accepted, the services of the College of Law Clinic includes litigation representation.  The phone number for the Legal Services Clinic is (307) 766-2104.  The  clinic is located in the University Annex at 21 st and Garfield Streets.  


Off-Campus Resources: 

  • Laramie City Illegal Discrimination Ordinance: 

o   The first city wide non-discrimination ordinance in Wyoming passed by Laramie City Council on May 13th, 2015. Prohibits “"discrimination of any person based upon his or her actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity in employment, housing and public accommodations." 

o    https://cityoflaramie.org/701/Equity-and-Inclusion 

  • Nondiscriminatory Act Supporting Businesses in Laramie

  • LGBTQ Community Resource Guide. Click Here 

  • Laramie Reproductive Health:  Laramie Reproductive Health is a comprehensive location for HIV/AIDS prevention, testing, and care.  www.laramiereproductivehealth.org   

  • Wyoming Equality: Connecting Wyoming's Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Community . http://www.wyomingequality.org/ Check out their website for information of meetings, events, news, and resources! 

  • Wyoming GLBT News. Subscribe by emailing wyomingglbtnews@gmail.com. This group has sent info on Wyoming legislative issues out to the community as well as information from the Casper area. 

  • Human Rights Campaign (HRC):  www.hrc.org

  • CDC LGBT Health website: https://www.cdc.gov/lgbthealth/index.htmsgender   

  • The Trevor Project - a national youth suicide prevention project, lifeline, chat, etc. at http://www.thetrevorproject.org/

  • The Shepard Foundation:  www.matthewshepard.org/

  • National Consortium of Directors of LBGT Resources in Higher Education:  http://www.lgbtcampus.org/about/

  • Affordable Colleges Online:  http://www.affordablecollegesonline.org/lgbtq-college-student-guide/

  • Off Campus Therapists who are LGBTQ Friendly:  Emily Seigel (LCSW, 507 S. 4th, Laramie, WY 82070 - (307)399-4508); Dr. Anne Fitzgerald (Centerpoint, 920 E. Sheridan, Laramie, WY 82070 - (307)399-7499) 

  • Lambda Legal:  The nation’s oldest and largest legal organization whose mission is to achieve full recognition of the civil rights of LGBTQ people.  See www.lambdalegal.org.  You may seek assistance with a legal matter involving issues such as sexual orientation or gender identity by calling the Lambda Legal Western Regional Office in Los Angeles, 213-382-7600, and asking for the Legal Help Desk.  Additionally you may call the national Legal Help Desk, 1-866-542-8336, or submit your legal questions online. Lambda Legal also has an online know your rights section for transgender students in colleges and universities.  This section is accessible at http://www.lambdalegal.org/know-your-rights/transgender/in-college-faq

  • Equal Justice Wyoming: A state funded civil legal services program working with Wyoming legal aid providers and community organizations to help people with limited income find help for their legal problems.  This organization has a Statewide Legal Services Hotline:  Toll-free 1-877-432-9955 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Also it has an information packed online presence at http://www.legalhelpwy.org


Transgender and Nonbinary Student Resources

  • Gender-Affirming Resource Guide: Laramie, Wyoming

    • About: This is a living resource guide for transgender and gender expansive people and their loved ones/allies living in Laramie, Wyoming. The guide has been informed by the lived experience of transgender and gender expansive Laramites.

    • For link access, please email tess.m.kilwein@gmail.com and/or twolfgan@uwyo.edu

    • While you may request changes, additions, and deletions by sending an email to tess.m.kilwein@gmail.com, these requests are subject to the creator’s discretion given information that has been received from multiple contributors over time.


  • Policy on Equal Access to Restrooms and Other Facilities It is the policy of the University of Wyoming to provide equal access to restrooms, locker rooms, or changing facilities to all members of our community.  Individuals are able to use University of Wyoming restrooms, locker rooms, or changing facilities in accordance with their gender identity.  In addition, single-use family/gender neutral restrooms can be found at these locations (check “Gender Neutral Restrooms” box). 

  • Using facilities in accordance with gender identity does not constitute a university student code of conduct violation in and of itself. 

  • Student Legal Services, 128 Knight Hall, provides free legal advice and services to all fee-paying students.  This program can aid students in regard to name change procedures and the requirements to change identity on documents such as a passport, a driver’s license, etc.  Because the Student Legal Services Program is a type of prepaid legal plan (you have already paid for the service through you student fees), the SLS attorney can discuss any legal issues you may have in regard to your gender identity.  The Program may or may not be able to completely resolve your issues, but guidance can and will be provided together with a referral to possible additional resources.

  • Student Health Services:  Student Health offers general medical care and also houses a psychiatric nurse practioner for issues related to depression, anxiety, or any other issue related to transitioning into another gender.  The Student Health Service can make referrals to service providers in Colorado who might be cost effective to use as students transition.  Student Health will work with clinicians who have already prescribed medications for stuent to maintain the regimen of medication.  Student Health is a member of the Student Wellness Advisory Board and students with concerns can contact this board to raise issues.  For more information contact 307-766-2130 or see https://www.uwyo.edu/shser/

  • Literature and Resources for Parents of Transgender Children:  A list of books, video, and websites which provide information on transgender and nonbinary children and how to be a supportive parent, as well as national and local support networks for allies and families of transgender individuals.


Local LGBTQIA+ Friendly Churches: 


RRC Library

The RRC maintains the largest LGBTQIA2S+Library collection in the State of Wyoming. The library was previously hosted at the RRC, but has now joined the Coe Library collection to increase visibility and access.

Quick links to RRC Library Collection in the classic catalog section at Coe Library:

Links to the Rainbow Resource Center Collection in QuickSearch at Coe Library:


Library sponsors include:

  • President's Advisory Council on Minority and Women's Affairs

  • Wyoming Daniels Fund- Multicultural Youth at Risk

  • Dean Walton & the Rainbow Connection

  • Wyoming Equality/United Gays and Lesbians of Wyoming

  • The Estate of Margo Browall

  • ASUW (Associated Students of the University of Wyoming)

  • TRiO - ASPIRE region

  • Anonymous Donations

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