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UW's Web Presence

Institutional Marketing offers assistance to all units on the UW website utilizing the CMS (Content Management System). All units must adhere to the Website Style Guide (PDF), consistent with UW's brand standards.

CMS training and Website accessibility training is available, and mandatory, to all university personnel managing or developing a website and gaining access to the CMS.

Web Team:

  • Mindy Peep - Associate Director, Digital & Content Strategy

  • Akriti Subedi - Website Designer / Developer Senior

  • Patrick Wolfinbarger - CMS Expert / Developer

  • Shelbey Prusia - Website Strategist

  • Caroline Bragg - Website Coordinator

  • Emily Hakert - Website Coordinator


Web site help and support

CMS support and training

  • CMS training courses

  • Support, help and answer questions for campus users in regard to the CMS and their websites

  • CMS Upgrades - coordinate, upgrade, test, train and notify campus users

  • New features - test, evaluate, train and notify campus users

  • Training manuals

  • Knowledge base, newsletters, announcements

  • Access and permissions to the CMS

  • Manage and maintain CMS Support site

Web site styles and brand standards

  • Provide guidance and enforce brand standards and website styles for institutional and other university sites

Broken Link Reports

  • To identify broken links in your site, you can visit our broken links tool from any University computer and pull up a report that shows all the pages on your site(s) that have broken links.

Full Site republish

  • As a means of improving functionality and removing orphaned assets on the University of Wyoming's website, Institutional Marketing performs a full site republish 2-3 times per year.

508 guidelines and support for CMS sites

Google site maps

  • Each month new site maps are generated for every CMS site and submitted to Google to achieve the most efficient content crawling for Google's search index.

CMS template and application functionality support

CMS site layout and design consulting

For additional questions, please visit our support page or our other resources:

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Institutional Marketing

1000 E. University Ave

Dept. 3226

Laramie, WY 82071-2000

Phone: (307) 766-3257

Email: uwmktg@uwyo.edu

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