Curriculog Guidelines

Curriculog Guide, What to Look for

For every proposal:


  • Check to make sure it is the correct syllabus attached
  • Open each syllabus and make sure it has the following:
    • Matching course number to the submitted proposal­­­
    • For dual-listings (4xxx-5xxxx), an explanation of what the additional work will be for the graduate course
    • Cross-listings are on the syllabus (if applicable)
    • Office hours are listed
    • Credit hours are listed
  • Please note, all A&S College Core 2015 D and G attributes, as well as USP 2015 codes, need a proposal in Curriculog from this point forward.
  • Renewals do NOT need a proposal in Curriculog. 
  • If a USP attribute is requested, make sure the correct USP form is attached. Open the attachment and make sure it works.
    • All new USP attributes MUST attach the appropriate application form in Curriculog, the signatures are no longer needed. You can find the USP Attribute Application Form. 
  • If a D or a G requirement is requested, make sure the correct form is attached under files.

Syllabus Requirements:

For a sample syllabus, please visit

All syllabi must follow guidelines as outlined in UW Regulation 2-117. There are updated syllabus guidelines for fall 2022. Syllabi not meeting these requirements will be considered incomplete.

Dual-listed, the UCRC Committee asks that you provide for each course pair (e.g., AAST 4065/AAST 5065)  a single syllabus that will serve both “classes,” explicitly stating the dual listing.

For example, the syllabus for AAST 4065 should be written for AAST 4065/AAST 5065 and must show the requirements/expectations/assignments (etc.) for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Moreover, each syllabus must specify the differing expectations/assignments, etc. for undergraduates and graduate students (and, importantly, should demonstrate that graduate students engage in something like 15-20% more work than undergraduates).

If a course is over the 3000-level, is it highly encouraged by the University Course Review Committee that the course includes at least one prerequisite. 

If a course is a Topics: course, please include a template syllabus that includes information about learning objectives.

**If the old syllabus does not fully meet the current syllabus requirements, but the new syllabus does meet the requirements, the new syllabi will be accepted**

NEW COURSE -Needs new syllabi attached in Curriculog 
COURSE MODIFY- Needs old and new syllabus attached in Curriculog 

COURSE DISCONTINUE – Needs no syllabus

If you are creating a new prefix or new course number, run this by before you create the new course proposal in Curriculog.

Cross-Listing and Dual-Listing:

For a cross-listing or dual-listing, make sure the files attached on all the proposals, not just the main one.






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