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Educational Research (EDRE)

5000. Educational Research. 3.

5530. Introduction To Research. 3. Basic concepts of educational research design, statistics, and measurement. The focus of the course is on reading and critiquing research articles, both quantitative and qualitative, and includes an introduction to statistics. Students learn to conduct a review of the literature relevant to a specific research problem. Prerequisite: graduate standing.

5550. Action Research. 3. Introduces experienced classroom teachers to action research methodology. Action research studies will be reviewed and critiqued. Students will learn to plan, implement, and write up an action research study conducted in a classroom setting. Prerequisite: graduate standing.

5580. Supervised Internship. 1-8 (Max. 12).

5600. Educational Research I: Descriptive Research. 3. Basic concepts of educational survey research design, statistics, and measurement. The focus is on descriptive statistics (measures of central tendency, variability, percent and frequency distribution, bivariate correlation, graphical displays, testing hypotheses about proportions). Students develop questionnaires and plan, conduct, and report on a survey study. Prerequisite: EDRE 5530.

5610. Educational Research: Group Comparison Research. 3. Concepts of experimental and ex post facto research designs, statistics, and measurement. The focus is on inferential statistics. Students construct attitude scales and other instruments used in research and they plan, conduct, and report on a group comparison study. Prerequisite: EDRE 5600.

5620. Educational Research: Correlational Research. 3. Concepts of correlational research, statistics, and measurement. Focus is on the design and analysis of results from correlational studies. Statistical topics include MANOVA, multiple regression, factor analysis, and discriminant analysis. Includes measurement topics in classical measurement theory and additional topics in validity and reliability. Plan, conduct, and report on a correlational study. Prerequisite: EDRE 5530 and 5600.

5630. Educational Research IV: Multivariate Research. 3. An advanced educational research, statistics, and measurement course. Design and analysis of results from studies with several dependent and independent variables. Includes multivariate statistics such as MANOVA, discriminant analysis, canonical correlation, multidimensional scaling, structural equation modeling, logit regression. Measurement topics include generalizability theory, item response theory, equating, and standard setting. Prerequisite: EDRE 5530, 5600, 5610, and 5620.

5640. Introduction to Qualitative Research. 3. This course introduces qualitative research. Students will explore the foundations, social science theories, methods, and processes of qualitative research and will learn to critically evaluate published research. Emphases will include basic design principles, trustworthiness, and analysis. Students will engage in original data collection and will produce a mini report. Prerequisite: EDRE 5530.

5645. Phenomenology, Case Study, and Grounded Theory in Qualitative Research. 3. In-depth examination of phenomenology (with great emphases on its philosophical roots), qualitative case study, and grounded theory. Characteristics of each qualitative tradition will be explored by way of critiquing published peer reviewed journal articles. Students will conduct and report on a mini study. Prerequisites: EDRE 5530 and EDRE 5640.

5655. Ethnography and Narrative Inquiry in Qualitative Research. 3. In-depth exploration of narrative inquiry (including autoethnography) and educational ethnography. Issues of ethics, politics, diversity, and the researcher's role will be integral to the course. Students will conduct and report on a mini study. Prerequisites: EDRE 5530 and EDRE 5640.

5660. Dissertation/Thesis Prospectus Writing. 3. Prepare graduate students to plan, develop, and write research proposals suitable for a dissertation/thesis. In consultation with the committee chair, students will focus on their own problem for research, conduct a literature review, choose appropriate methods for investigating the problem, and write a research proposal. Satisfactory/unsatisfactory only. Prerequisites: at least two of the following: EDRE 5600, EDRE 5610, EDRE 5620, EDRE 5630, EDRE 5640, EDRE 5645, EDRE 5655, EDRE 5670, or EDRE 5870.

5670. Mixed Methods Research. 3. Provide an overview of mixed methods research to graduate students who are already familiar with quantitative and qualitative research. Specifically, they will learn the definition, history and foundations, and specific types of mixed methods designs. Also plan a mixed methods research study. Prerequisite: EDRE 5600 and EDRE 5640.

5870. Seminar. 1-8 (Max. 8).

5890. Directed Professional Study. 1-6 (Max. 9).

5959. Enrichment Studies. 1-3 (Max. 99). Designed to provide an enrichment experience in a variety of topics. Note: credit in this course may not be included in a graduate program of study for degree purposes.

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