Office of the Registrar

Cumulative GPA

The average of all grades earned by a student as outlined below is termed the cumulative grade point average. It is used for determining activity, eligibility, honors, probation, suspension, graduation and for all comparisons or purposes requiring measurement of academic standing.

The cumulative grade point average is defined as the sum of all grade points earned in University of Wyoming residence, correspondence, or the Outreach School, divided by all credit hours attempted for letter grade, with the following exceptions:

  1. The credit hours shall not be counted in courses in which marks of W, S or U were assigned, or in which marks of  I (for incomplete) are still in effect.
  2. For repeated courses:
    a. First repeat: only the second credit and grade is used to calculate the cumulative grade point average.
    b. If repeated more than once, only the last credit and grade earned is used to calculate the cumulative grade point average.
    c. A student is limited to a maximum of three (3) attempts, including withdrawals, in any course at the University of Wyoming.
    d. If a mark of W, S, or U is assigned in a repeated course, the previous grade assigned will stand except when an S or U is earned repeating a previous S or U.
    e. Courses applied towards one completed degree may be repeated as part of a second degree; however, the grade and grade point average in the original degree will not be changed.
  3. Transfer grades are not counted in the UW grade point average. If a course taken at UW is repeated for the first time at another institution, the credits and grade earned at UW will be deleted from computation of the UW cumulative grade point average if credit for the repeated course is transferred to UW.
  4. Courses numbered below 4000 are not added in to the semester and cumulative totals, or computed into the GPA, for graduate students.

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