Updated Classroom Research

Institutional Review Board for Protection of Human Subjects

Required informational sheet for Classroom Research Practica with Human Subjects

The informational sheet must be filled out and submitted by the faculty member assigning the research practica in his or her classroom before the first day of class during the semester in which the student will be conducting the research practica.  

The informational sheet for classroom research involving human subjects should be submitted to the IRB in care of:


  Institutional Review Board

  Phone:  307-766-5320

  1000 East University Avenue, Dept.  3355

  Fax:      307-766-2608

  Room 308, Old Main                                         

  email:   IRB@uwyo.edu

  Laramie, WY  82071


Informational sheets may be submitted in any format: in hard copy typed on letter size white paper, or electronic format e-mailed to IRB@uwyo.eduElectronic submission via email is encouraged
Note: Research practica do not require IRB review unless, due to the vulnerability of subjects or the potential risk to subjects, the project falls into one of the following categories:
(1)   Studies in data will be collected from minors, pregnant women, prisoners, or cognitively impaired persons;
(2)   Studies in which students will be asking about illegal activities, such as underage drinking or illegal drug use, which place the data at risk of subpoena;
(3)   Studies in which subjects are at risk if confidentiality is breached, such as one that asks about socially stigmatized behaviors and attitudes; or
(4)   Studies that place subjects at risk due to emotionally charged subject matter.

The informational sheet must include the following information:
1)   Name, title, department, address, phone number, fax number and e-mail address of faculty member assigning the research practica.
2)   Title, semester of class.
3)   Purpose of research practica.
4)   Description of human subject participation
5)   Description of the extent to which subjects will be identified, directly or indirectly through codes or identifiers, including:

  • whether or not subjects will be identified, either by name, appearance, or nature of data (demographic data including age, gender, ethnicity, affiliations, etc)
  • procedure to protect privacy and confidentiality
  • how and where collected data will be stored and for how long
  • who will have access to the data and under what circumstances
  • any other aspects regarding confidentiality
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