Major Equipment Program

The Vice President for Research and the Vice President for Academic Affairs have made available $200,000 for major equipment acquisition for 2012-2013.  This funding will be used to leverage the purchase of major equipment/instrumentation to enhance the research capabilities of the institution Requests should target improvement in the quality of research at the University of Wyoming.   To maximize benefits to the University, requests for these funds must include a match that leverages new monies from an externally sponsored source.  Requests must include dollar-for-dollar match and demonstrate how an award from the major equipment fund could act as a lever for additional grants or contracts to the University. 

Requests must include:

1.     A discussion of how the desired equipment will improve the quality of research at UW.  Explain how this equipment will be used and how it will enable research in clear, non-technical language.  It is important that the discussion focus on the significance of the research and how the proposed equipment will support the research endeavor.  The discussion should not exceed four pages.   Proposals must include a specific plan for routine service and future maintenance and repair costs. 

2.     The budget should include the (estimated or quoted) purchase price of the equipment, and should provide for at least a dollar-for-dollar match of the amount that is requested from the Major Equipment program from new external (from outside the University) sources.  The budget should indicate the outside funding agency or agencies to which proposals for matching equipment funds will be submitted.  Funds from external sources already received by UW will not be considered to fulfill the match requirement.   The budget should also list any other funds (department or college) committed to assist in the purchase.  


Major equipment requests will be reviewed as they are received.  Submit requests to:           

Linda Osterman or Farrell Rapp
VP Research and Economic Development
Old Main, Room 308
766-5320 or 766-2047

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