Animal Oversight


 The Animal Oversight application assists with IACUC by streamlining the protocol review and approval process with electronic protocol preparation, submission and routing. In addition, a dashboard will be available to researchers, which will display the status of their protocols. 





 ROAMWyo Animal Oversight Access

ROAMWyo can be accessed here. Please note: Only the Animal Oversight module is active and live right now. Please do not utilize ROAMWyo's production site for any other functions. 

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  • Specific questions about Animal Oversight should be directed to  



Reporting Issues

  • If you find a minor issue (typo, grammatical error, etc.) that does not alter your submission, you can report it here.  This Qualtrics survey will let us track minor issues/complaints and allow us to continually improve the module.


  • If you have a major issue (question logic problem, inability to continue, etc.) that prevents you from submitting your form, please reach out to




Animal Oversight FAQ

Yes, ROAMWyo-Animals will allow users to set up and submit protocols ensuring that users have access to their animal dashboard and all of the information they need.

You will receive an email once your account has been created, which will include the online site link, which we ask that you bookmark or save to favorites. We will also post the site link on the ROAMWyo informational website located here (updated often): ROAMWyo|Cayuse (

Shell protocols are used only for current active protocols. The “shell” of high-level data will be transferred into ROAMWyo for administration and management of the protocol.  The shell protocol will have to be updated / “amended” to capture the full protocol details.  This will have to be completed if processing a major amendment or when the annual renewal is due, whichever comes first.

Updating a shell protocol is simple by creating a protocol “amendment” within the system

A shell protocol will be required to be updated to a full version at the time of a first major amendment or when your annual renewal is due.

CITI integrates with ROAMWyo and it will be stored in your user account.