Polymers and Copolymers of Ionic Liquids as Radio Frequency Absorbing Materials

UW ID: 05-018

Description of Technology

          This technology consists of polymers and copolymers of ionic liquid monomers that have been designed to have high radiation absorbance characteristics in a desired radio frequency range, most preferably in microwave and radar frequencies. The absorbance characteristics of the poly(ionic liquid) will be dependent on the constituent anions and cations which form the polymers and copolymers. By selecting the appropriate constituents, the polymers and copolymers are formed with a desired arrangement of segments of the selected polarity to provide for the high absorbance of radiation.


          Applications include noise suppression materials in data transmission, mines detection, artificial human tissue and radar absorbing materials in military applications. These materials can be used as coating or painting applications to absorb radio frequencies.

Features & Benefits

          Polymeric materials are easy to fabricate into various shapes such as coating. They are also lightweight. Additionally, there are many applications that they may be used due to their high stability.

Downloadable PDF: 05-018


Tang, Huadang

Patent Status: 

Utility Patent Issued

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