Filtration Rack

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Description of Technology

          Environmental sample filtration is an important step in many laboratory tests. Sample filtration is usually carried out on a rack that holds all of the samples while they are being filtered. Currently, the racks used to hold the samples are big and bulky and do not provide many options for different laboratory layouts. The racks used today are also mostly made out of wood, which is a material that should not be in a laboratory anymore due to federal guidelines.

          Researchers at the University of Wyoming have invented a new type of sample filtration rack that meets current laboratory safety guidelines, takes up less laboratory space, and can be easily cleaned if a sample is spilled. This new rack is 3D printed and provides many options for different layouts on a laboratory bench. The rack also takes up less space in storage because it was designed in a way that makes it possible for multiple racks to stack inside each other.


          The new sample rack can benefit laboratories and classrooms with space constraints and need to meet federal safety guidelines. This rack may also be less expensive than wooden racks and take up less storage space due to its nesting capability.

Features & Benefits

  • Meets current laboratory safety guidelines

  • Takes up less laboratory space

  • Easily cleaned

  • Improved storage

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Jessica Kern


Patent Status:  

Patent Pending


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