A sampling of field efforts by the SAWLS group - click on the photos for a larger version

Aerial Reconnaissance in South Africa - Impacts of dams and land Cover Change on Environmental Low Flows in the Luvuvhu River

Developing a set of biological indicators of river health: benthic macroinvertebrate studies in the Njoro River, Kenya.


Setting up corner markers for satellite studies of soil moisture in North Park, CO.


Hazards of the road - Kruger National Park, SA.

Aerial survey and field sites - Anastamosing Streams, Little Laramie River, WY

Water quality investigations - Muddy Creek, WY

Impacts of CBNG release water on mosquitoes and West Nile Virus Risk, Powder River Basin, WY

Flamingo rafts in Lake Nakuru - SUMAWA project, Njoro, Kenya

Initiation of flooding, Luvuvhu River, SA

Microplot runoff and erosion studies, Njoro watershed, Kenya

Working with stakeholders on agriculture and water quality issues, Njoro Kenya

Soil heuristic investigations, North Park, CO

Hydrologic instrumentation in small watersheds, Nash Fork, WY

Njoro River in flood stage, Njoro, Kenya

Hydrologic instrumentation in small watersheds, Snowy Range WY

Training students in field work, Nash Fork, WY

Soil sampling and heuristics, North Park, CO

Channel morphology investigations with ground-based LiDAR, Walnut Gulch, AZ

Training with flow velocity meters, Libby Creek, WY

Validating remote sensing of land cover change, Rift Valley, Kenya