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UW STEM Carnival

University of Wyoming President Ed Seidel

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UW STEM Carnival


Friday, September 16, 2022
10AM • 3PM 

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Science Initiative Building (9th & Lewis St.) • Laramie, WY
Hosted by the UW Top-Tier Science Initiative

Featuring a wide range of engaging presentations and hands-on activities from UW STEM faculty, students, programs, and local businesses. Come explore, learn, and experiment in STEM!

A special plenary session begins at 1PM.

The UW STEM Carnival is a yearly event hosted by the Science Initiative and Office of the President that highlights a certain STEM department on campus. In this inaugural year, we celebrate the opening of the new Science Initiative Building and feature the Research and Programs of the Science Initiative. To celebrate STEM, all science departments on campus have come together to spread their love for hands-on discovery through interactive STEM booths both outside and inside the new building.

Campus map highlighting new Science Initiative Buidling


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  • Carnival Begins


  • X-ray Diffractometer Demo
  • DNA STEM Activity


  • Guided Building Tour
  • Exploring Electricity STEM Activity


  • X-ray Diffractometer Demo


  • Guided Building Tour


  • X-ray Diffractometer Demo
  • Watermelon Drop


  • Guided Building Tour
  • Electron Microscope STEM Activity
  • DNA STEM Activity
  • Plenary Talks at the EERB


  • X-ray Diffractometer Demo
  • Exploring Electricity STEM Activity
  • Plenary Talks at the EERB


  • Guided Building Tour
  • DNA STEM Activity
  • Plenary Talks at the EERB


  • X-ray Diffractometer Demo
  • Mock Active Learning Session


  • Carnival Ends

Additional Activities

Extracting and Visualizing DNA:

Do you think that you can see DNA with your naked eye? If you said no, you would normally be correct. However, with this activity you actually CAN see DNA without a powerful microscope. Together, we will walk through and perform an easy and fun experiment to break open the cells of a strawberry to release the DNA inside! (Sponsored by Science Initiative Roadshow)

Exploring Electricity:
Participants will explore the basics of electricity using balloons, Van de Graaff generators, flashlights, and more! This activity will culminate with participants using their electrical knowledge to light an LED lightbulb with basic household objects such as pennies and washers! (Sponsored by Science Kitchen and NASA)

Learning the Scanning Electron Microscope:
Participants will get to visit the UW Jenkins Microscopy Facility and learn how a Scanning Electron Microscope works and discover what becomes visible on a sample you help set up. (Sponsored by INBRE and Jenkins Microscopy Center)

Experience the New X-ray Diffractometer:
Receive a walk through demonstration of a brand new instrument that determines the three-dimensional structure of molecules by examining how X-rays interact with crystals of those compounds. (Sponsored by Chemistry Department)

Tour the Science Initiative Building:
Hear about the many features of the building including the CASI Showcase, Center for Integrative Biological Research, Science Initiative Program facilities, and Greenhouse spaces located on the roof of the building. Tours will take place at the top of each hour. (Sponsored by Science Initiative)

Moving your Body and Opening your Heart to Learn Science:
The brain works best when we learn through every sense, when we can see, hear, smell and feel the science. We learn best when we move! Exercise promotes neurogenesis. Emotion triggers cognition. If our heart is engaged, so is our brain. In this session, you will have the opportunity to see how we use the new state-of-the-art active learning classroom in the Science Initiative Building through active learning. You will get a chance to share your story about a time that you learned deeply, learn from one another and embed our stories in the science of cognition. (Sponsored by the Science Initiative Learning Actively Mentoring Program)

Participating Units

Participating Units
  • Physics and Astronomy
  • Molecular Biology
  • Biodiversity Institute
  • NASA Space Grant
  • Science Kitchen
  • College of Engineering and Physical Sciences
  • School of Computing
  • Wyoming Migration Initiative
  • Kinesiology
  • Health Sciences/Pharmacy
  • Wyoming State Science Fair
  • Haub School
  • Plant Sciences
  • Mobile Makerspace
  • SI Roadshow
  • Family Consumer Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Recycle Club
  • Alumni Association
  • Foundation
  • Admissions
  • School of Energy Resources
  • Rocky Mountain Herbarium
  • WyGISC
  • Geology and Geophysics
  • Global Vegetation Project
  • Murphy Lab
  • Museum of Vertebrates
  • The Ecology and Biogeochemistry Core Lab
  • The Stable Isotope Facility
  • Wyonics LLC
  • Van Diepen Lab
  • Science Loves Art
  • College of Agriculture, Life Sciences, and Natural Resources
  • 3D Visualization Center

1000 E. University Ave. Laramie, WY 82071
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