Social Justice Research Center


The Social Justice Research Center (SJRC) at the University of Wyoming is an interdisciplinary center dedicated to the generation of scholarship connected to addressing practical and theoretical questions arising from the pursuit of social justice, in the belief that when any group experiences injustice, democratic ideals are at risk.

After 15 years of supporting and advancing social justice research on the University of Wyoming campus, the SJRC will be entering a period of transition in July 2022. At this time, our supplementary funding, collaborative funding, and the SJRC's organizational support for social justice related programming on campus will be put on hold. Please check back at this website for future updates or contact the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with inquiries.

Thank you to our past advisory board members, staff, graduate assistants, collaborators, and scholars from over the years. It has been an honor to work with you all. Thank you for your commitment to the work and for pushing us toward a more just world for all. 


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Social Justice Research Center
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Note regarding the images: Community members collaboratively created this hip-hop focused mural at the 2012 Shepard Symposium Hip-Hop event. It was made in the then new Visual Arts Building on the UW Laramie campus. Contributing community artists added images onto the canvas with wheat paste. It currently hangs in the Social Justice Research Center on campus.