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Scholarship Student Assessment


Due to the increased competition for scholarships, the faculty must assess the work of scholarship students at the end of the fall semester and at the time of spring applications. This assessment will be based on the following:

  1. The fulfillment by scholarship students of the first five scholarship requirements listed in the Scholarship Guidelines section.
  2. The assessment of students' work in fulfilling the sixth requirement, participation in production work, listed in the Scholarship Guidelines section.
    This assessment, based on the recommendations of faculty members who have worked with scholarship students in production, will of necessity be fundamentally subjective.

Because a theatre and dance scholarship is intended to assist financially the theatre and dance student whose work is outstanding both in class and in production, any assessment will be based on a balance of these two parts of a student's work. Outstanding work in production is usually based more strongly on the attitude of the student doing the work than on the skill that the student may have in any particular job.

Production work, whether artistically stimulating or rather dull, must be done well and on time if the production is to be successful and if all those working on the production are to gain maximum educational benefit. Therefore, a student who seeks to contribute more positively and consistently to the qualitative completion of a job will be assessed more favorably than a student who works the minimum time required or who seeks to do only certain kinds of work.



The faculty may, at the end of Fall semester, withdraw aid from any student who, in the opinion of the faculty, has not satisfactorily fulfilled all of the requirements for that scholarship, including:

  1. Failure by the student to maintain a minimum 2.0 grade point average in all courses.
  2. Failure by the student to fulfill his or her production
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