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Elmer 101 Project

At the July 6th, 2021 club meeting, we decided to go forth with a club project! We will be building the ME40+ 40M CW transceiver and following the �Elmer 101� course that was done by the NorCal QRP Club.

How the project will work:

Those that are interested will obtain a ME40+ kit (more information below). We will not build the kit as per the supplier�s recommendation but rather by functional block. For instance, we will start with the power supply, test it and learn why the components were picked to make up that part of the radio. We will proceed through the build in this manner until we have a great little radio.

We plan on beginning the actual build in the fall time frame and it will last throughout the winter. During the build, we plan to have corresponding workshops on soldering, using test equipment and troubleshooting. Towards the end of the build, we will look at small 40M antenna designs and key options for your radio. Following the build, we will plan an exam session as the radio theory will be fresh for those who participate.

Communication and coordination:

We will use this email reflector with the subject line �Elmer 101� for our project. We will send out weekly build information to include what to populate on the board, what to test, and why that part of the radio works the way it does.

Chris, N7NAV will coordinate the project efforts and answer questions to the best of his abilities, but I strongly encourage other hams to also help with technical questions. Questions are absolutely welcome and can be posted to the reflector or to

I will keep a running document throughout the build process and work with the clubs� webmaster to see if we can add the documentation to our web page. If there are hams that want to participate and do not use email then please let Chris, N7NAV know so that a digest can be prepared and delivered to those hams.


I�m working with Midway Electronics to see what is available and to give him a ballpark estimate on how many folks are interested. They have been kind enough to offer some discounts. After I have more information about the kits I will let everyone know via the reflector.

Please email if you want to participate in this project or have questions.

Project Documentation:

University Amateur Radio Club Elmer 101