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As part of UW's website improvement strategy, we will be transitioning users and pages to Omni CMS by Modern Campus. Site editors are encouraged to continue editing and improving their sites as the migration will not take place until early 2023. While a "go-live" date has not been selected yet in which Omni CMS will be the main editing tool for website content is in place, we will provide in-depth communication to site editors and the university at large for important milestones and other important communication.



January 2023 Updates



Migration Blackout Dates CHANGED

While testing our system in December, we opted to create some editing enhancements that will improve the overall experience for site authors. Because this testing period was already backed up so closely to the UW administrative holidays during winter break, we did not feel comfortable moving on from this phase until we could continue reviewing these functions into this first week in January. Because of this prolonged testing, we anticipate a delay and change to our original blackout date periods.



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About Omni CMS



What is Omni CMS?

After a vendor RFP process and thorough due diligence, we have selected Modern Campus as our partner. Modern Campus works with dozens of universities and colleges utilizing Omni CMS -- a powerful system that specifically caters to the higher education community.

Some of Omni’s Key Features Include:

  • Ease of use page editing with drag and drop and on-page editing (front-end editor)
  • Enhanced, fail-safe editing tools to promote error-free page content including spell check, broken link check and accessibility checks before publishing
  • Ability to create approval processes for site authors and improved site author page permissions
  • Robust reporting and dashboards


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What to Expect

people iconPreparing for the Migration

This website serves as a central location for site authors and website stakeholders to find information about the latest updates and milestones for this migration. Site authors will be required to engage in the process by cleaning up their Cascade CMS site by removing old pages and files. Site authors will also be responsible for reviewing all their content in the CMS site prior to "go-live" to ensure their pages' content is displaying correctly. All site authors will be fully trained before they begin reviewing their sites.

building iconA Large Campus-Wide Effort

Website migrations are a major undertaking for any organization. Due to the scale of the UW website, this migration is a campus-wide collaboration with Institutional Marketing, IT, the Application Security Office, individual site authors and various other entities. Should you have any questions or need additional resources, we encourage you to reach out and we'll be in touch with you as soon as possible!

computer iconAn Improved Experience

Transitions to a new system can be stressful, especially for our valued site authors who work hard to maintain their websites. While any migration of this scale will require new knowledge, we are confident that Omni CMS will provide users with a better experience, including easier editing capabilities without complex "blocky" editing features, future design enhancements ad the ability to create page approval workflows, spell check, accessibility checks and much more.


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