Wyoming Geographic Alliance

Giant floor maps

Giant Map of Wyoming

Contact the WGA at wga@uwyo.edu to request a loan of a giant map of Wyoming or for more information about purchasing a map. There are two versions available.

  • The Wyoming floor map pictured below (12x12 feet). Created by WyGISC for WGA. It fits in a classroom after moving desks. 

  • A giant Wyoming map (20x16 feet) created by National Geographic.

A tote of lessons with hands-on items are available. The maps are easy to fold and transport and can be easily moved by one person.  



Lesson plan for grades 3-6  Introducing Wyoming's Energy Resources 

Lesson plan for grades 3-6  Mapping Wyoming's Energy Resources

Lesson plan for grade 4 Energy and Agriculture Production in Wyoming

Lesson plan for grades 6-8   Wyoming's Energy Resources (1 week)

Lesson plan for grades 9-10 Enough Room for Everyone? Examining the geographic and cultural implications of Native American Relocation

The 12x12 foot map identifies political boundaries including the Wind River reservation, hydrologic and geologic features, major roads and railways, and historic sites.  If you are interested in more information about the map please contact Germaine Wagner at gkwagner@outlook.com or WGA staff at wga@uwyo.edu.  For a preview of the map please checkout this video created by Joseph Kerski.

The School of Energy Resources (SER) has partnered with the WGA for each participating district to receive a 12' by 12' floor map of Wyoming. 

Giant Maps of North and South America

Contact the WGA at wga@uwyo.edu to request a loan of these giant maps: 

  • Nat Geo Giant North America map (32x26 feet) fills up almost half of a gym floor. Comes with a trunk of lessons and all materials. (housed in Casper)

  • Nat Geo Giant South America map (30x25 feet) brand new.  Lessons are provided. (housed in Laramie)

  • More Nat Geo giant map lesson plans

National Geographic is no longer renting giant maps, but WGA hopes to eventually acquire giant maps of Europe, Asia, Africa, the Pacific Ocean (Australia, Oceania) and the Solar System. Prices and previews of these maps are here: http://nationalgeographic.org/education/giant-traveling-maps/.