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Think College Wyoming

Dept 4298, 1000 E University Ave.

Laramie, WY 82071

Phone: (307) 766-2762

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Think College Wyoming - FAQs

Currently, the application process for Think College Wyoming is closed, but we are accepting names of interested students for our wait-list.

Who should apply

A person who:

  • Has an intellectual disability primarily between age 21-26

  • Has completed high school with a modified standard, special diploma, or certificate of completion

  • Have a strong interest in attending college to expand confidence and career opportunities.

  • Be able to commit to a 2 year college experience and take up to two classes per semester.

think college student

Student expectations

  • Have experience in a work environment (school, volunteer, and/or paid work).

  • Have independent skills like using a cell phone, clock, and calendar to plan activities and being prepared to take care of self and belongings.

  • Maintain good conduct in class and in the community.

  • Be able to listen and appropriately respond to directions from an instructor, education coach, or work supervisor.

  • Have experience in attending and participating in general education classes for up to 50-90 minutes. College class completion while in HS encouraged.

  • Be able to communicate effectively (with accommodations/support if necessary).

  • Be willing to study and meet with education coaches on a weekly basis, and others as needed, to review class work and discuss progress.

  • Be willing to apply for services through the Department of Vocational Rehabilitative and/or with an Adult Rehabilitation Agency (adult waiver services)

Family and student responsibilities

  • Move through a Think College Wyoming selection process

  • Commit to four semesters of college and work experiences

  • Pay or find financing for college tuition and fees

  • Provide or find financing for transportation

  • Provide or find financing for housing

***Exceptions considered on individual basis

What Students and Families Should Know

For answers to questions about Think College for families, download our Think College Technical Assistance Guide.

Furthermore, questions that families and students typically ask are detailed in this presentation video by Think College Wyoming.

What Colleges Should Know

  1. Will Think College Wyoming participants get a college degree?

    No. The purpose of Think College Wyoming is to provide opportunities for students to participate in a college experience that includes taking classes part-time to expand their career and personal growth opportunities. The experience has three visible components: academic access (up to two classes per semester through audit or non-credit participation), work experience (via Vocational Rehabilitation or Adult Agency), and campus membership (including participation in campus events, activities &/or clubs).  A certificate from Think College Wyoming will be issued to participants upon completion of the program.

  2. How much time this would be for our institution?

    Think College Wyoming has as a high priority to have the college institution provide access, setting, and typical (NOT additional) college services for participating students. Advising would be expected as per any student which includes assistance in selecting and registering for classes.  Prior to registration, classes will be explored through Think College Wyoming sponsored Person Centered Planning team process for each student and will be selected from existing courses offered by the college that align to the personal and/or career goals of the young adult. Prior to enrolling in class permission and sharing with the professor re the individual’s goals and learning needs will be sought.  Office hours from instructors would be similar as with any other student with the exception of TCW student’s educational coach accompanying or otherwise supporting the student for the purpose of clarity of communication and coordination. Disabilities Services will be addressed in question 6.

  3. Who will be providing what services?

    Each participant in Think College will have a Person Centered Plan Team to organize and coordinate individualized services. Service providers for each student will include a College Experience Coordinator who meets with the student weekly (daily initially) to organize/oversee the student’s calendar, make appointments, arrange for transportation, and communicate with education coaches and work experience providers. Education coaching will be arranged to provide assistance with class participation, learning reinforcement, and assignments. Additional social mentors will assist with campus/community activities such as lunch on campus, going to sporting events, or attending other campus activities.

  4. Who will be tagged as the students “go-to” person?

    Administrative coordination will be provided by Think College Wyoming project coordinator. The College Experience Coordinator will be the key “go to” person for each participant. (See question 3). Additionally - education coaching, job coaching, and social mentors will assist with campus/academic/community involvement.

  5. What is the expectation level of these students, while in the classroom?  Are they going to be completing assignments?

    The expectation level of the student in the classroom will be similar to other students as to cooperation, note taking per their ability, and other appropriate student behaviors. Assignment completion or some form of addressing the assignments will be arranged by the student & his/her educational coach or college experience coordinator and communicated with the instructor. (Enrollment is audit or non-credit participation). Training for education coaches and social mentors will be arranged by TCW through on-line courses supervised by the College Experience Coordinator and TCW Project Coordinator.

  6. Is the College Disabilities Services person going to be expected to provide time for the student on a regular basis? If so, how much time? Will the student require accommodations?

    Think College participants would be expected (and supported) to register with the disability services office and supply required documentation.  Because enrollment is non-credit or audit, accommodations for the purpose of mastery of material is not a request. Accommodations to allow for site access and to enhance participation and learning are encouraged. Instructors would be informed and supported in having these students in their classes. The education coach will assist by attending with the student if needed, taking notes, assisting with homework, and other areas of challenge. The student be introduced and his/her specific learning needs will be shared with the professor ahead of time arranged by the College Experience Coordinator in conjunction with the college DDS person.

  7. Where is the financial support coming from to help the student be successful?

    Think College Wyoming is working with Vocational Rehabilitation, Adult Disability Agencies, families, and natural community supports to obtain funding and supports for Think College participants. The young adults are expected to receive support or services from a combination of SSI, DDD (Medicaid), SSDI, DVR and private pay. Funds for project coordination and college experience coordinator positions will be secured through grant funding.

Contact Us

Think College Wyoming

Dept 4298, 1000 E University Ave.

Laramie, WY 82071

Phone: (307) 766-2762

Toll Free: 1-888-989-9463

TeleType: 1-800-908-7011

Fax: (307) 766-2763


1000 E. University Ave. Laramie, WY 82071
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