WWAMI Curriculum


University of Washington School of Medicine curriculum is a competency-based model with the following learning Phases:

  • A Scientific Foundations Phase

  • A Patient Care Phase

  • A Career Exploration and Focus Phase

curriculumThe entering class of 2015 were the first students to complete the new school curriculum.  WWAMI Wyoming Students will spend the first 18 months at the University of Wyoming in what is called the Foundations Curriculum: Foundations of Scientific Medicine, and Foundations of Clinical Medicine- providing an active and fulfilling education that integrates basic science with clinical medicine and helps to prepare the student for life-long learning. This new curriculum will primarily be active group learning which will take a variety of forms, in contrast to the previous curriculim which empasized lecture-based learning. The curriculum will now be in seven integrated blocks as well as the longitudinal Foundations of Clinical Medicine described below in the Curiculum Renewal Schematic.

  • Students begin their education with Orientation and Boot Camp in Laramie and Immersion Experience in Lander, Wyoming.

  • These first weeks will prepare the students to navigate medical school through training in clinicals skills that will prepare them to work with patients prior to the beginning of the first block.  

  • Each week during the foundations phase, there will be one day devoted to clinical skills development. 

  • One day every other week, students will participate in clinical skills workshops; on alternate weeks students will work with a Primary Care physician in the community, applying what was learned in the clinical skills workshop to real patients, and getting to know the real world of the practicing physicians.

Please see links below from the UW School of Medicine which provides additional information about the new  WWAMI curriculum. 


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WWAMI Medical Education

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