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WyoSecure VPN Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Connecting Securely to the UW Network from Off-Campus

IT provides protection from hacker attacks. This requires balancing computer and network access for faculty, staff and students with securing sensitive data such as student information, personnel materials, financial records, and medical information. UW's network firewalls help limit these hacker attacks coming over the Internet by requiring valid usernames and passwords from our users accessing our network from off campus. This access to the UW computers is called a VPN or Virtual Private Network. UW's VPN is named WyoSecure. There are different types of VPN connections and each one gives a different level of access. Below is an overview, followed by more detailed information on each connection type.

UW Connection Types

WyoSecure VPN


Use for any remote connection; including non-public websites and self-service.

Log in at:

Requires username and password.

Two-Factor Authentication

Use when accessing any sensitive data, including HRMS, PeopleSoft, and financial data.

Log in at:
(see How To Use Your Two-Factor Authentication Account (


  1. username and password
  2. verification through a cell phone or USB device
Network Connect

Use when downloading software from the UW network.

Within WyoSecure, click Start next to Network Connect.

This will install a program on your computer allowing network access.

WyoSecure is used as part of all remote access connections. Two Factor Authentication and Network Connect allow access to areas that cannot be accessed with WyoSecure alone. WyoSecure will allow access to self-service and non-public websites. It requires a valid UW username and password to login. Some of these areas may require a higher level of security in the future.

Through WyoSecure ( a user can create a VPN connection without installing any additional programs on your computer. Since no additional program is needed, WyoSecure can be used on any device equipped with Internet access, including smartphones, public computers, or tablet computers. There is also a feature to allow users to create bookmarks to automatically connect to internal UW websites and UW file storage. Only certain browsers are supported (

WyoSecure login

Two-Factor Authentication

UW usernames and passwords can, and often are, compromised (hacked).

Users who access HRM, PeopleSoft, or UW financial information remotely need two-factor authentication for that access to be secure.

smart phones Similar to your online bank accounts, UW users who need to access certain UW computers from off campus are now requested to use two methods to verify their identity. This is called two-factor authentication, since the identity of the user is verified in two ways: 1) their username and password and 2) their identity through a, simple, easy to use application on their cell phone. While hackers half a world away may be able to steal or hack a username and password, they cannot get access to a phone in the user's possession. Users will need to log into the two factor authentication site ( to use two factor authentication.

For users who do not have a smartphone, authentication can also be created by entering a passcode that is sent to any phone, through a phone call, or by a key fob (there is a one-time $20 fee to pay for the key fob).

Signing up for two-factor authentication takes just the few quick steps listed out in How To Use Your Two-Factor Authentication Account (

Network Connect

Network Connect is needed for downloading software from the UW network or connecting to a UW storage location. It requires the installation of a small software utility onto the user's computer which allows the remote computer to connect directly to and use resources on the UW network. Because this connection allows access to the UW network, it is important to make sure the remote computer does not have viruses that could be spread to the UW network. Remote computers connecting with Network Connect are automatically checked for an active firewall, up-to-date patches and antivirus software.

To install Network Connect, log into WyoSecure ( and click the Start button next to the Network Connect client application session. This will install the program, which can then be launched by opening the Network Connect application listed under Juniper Networks.

WyoSecure VPN Frequently Asked Questions

What are the timeouts for WyoSecure VPN?

WyoSecure will timeout after 2 hours of inactivity or 12 hours of login time. The remaining session time will appear in the toolbar after logging in.

SSL VPN toolbar

How do I create a remote desktop bookmark to my office computer when using Core Access?

If you are using a Windows operating system, click on the Add terminal service icon in the Terminal Session toolbar.

Add Terminal Service icon

In the Add Terminal Services Session window use the following configuration:

  1. Session Type: Windows Terminal Services
  2. Bookmark Name: Type a descriptive name for the bookmark
  3. Description: Type a useful description of the terminal connection
  4. Host: Enter the DNS name of the computer to which you are trying to connect.
  5. Username: Type your username or enter <user> to use the same username with which you logged into WyoSecure.
  6. Password: If you would like to enable single sign on (SSO) then enter <password> to use the same password with which you logged into WyoSecure.
  7. Click the Add button to save the bookmark.

This bookmark will be available whenever you sign into WyoSecure using Core Access.

Add Terminal Services Session window

Do I need to use WyoSecure to edit my UW website from an off-campus Internet connection?

Yes. You must open the Web site share using WyoSecure VPN to upload content from off-campus.

How do I access files shares on campus when using Core Access?

Type the path of the file share in the format \\servername\sharename into the browse field and click the Browse button. For example, type \\warehouse\antivirus into the browse field to open the antivirus share on the warehouse server.

Browse field

What happens if I close the WyoSecure web page logging in?

As long as you do not “sign out” prior to closing the page, all resources you have accessed through WyoSecure will remain available. However, it is recommended that you do not close this page until you are finished, then please click on the “Sign Out” button.

Do I need to use WyoSecure to administer my systems in the DMZ?

Yes. Administration of DMZ machines must be performed from the campus network.

What does it mean if I get a message stating "there are already other user sessions in progress"?

You can only have one WyoSecure session per username open at any given time.

What options are available for outside vendors who need access to my equipment?

IT provides temporary VPN guest accounts at no charge. The guest account can be used for up to 6 months for vendor support and access to computers that are on the UW network. If the vendor agreement and support requires ongoing access for continued maintenance of UW equipment, departments can request and pay for a full special account. To request a guest or full special account, please contact the IT Help Desk at 766-4357, option 1 or email

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Additional help with the installation and configuration of
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Contact the IT Help Desk at 766-HELP (4357), option 1
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