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Work with Web Pages on FRONTIER

NOTE: Functional knowledge and use of this application is the responsibility of the user.

Accessing a Web Page

FRONTIER has a web server whereby personal web pages may be established. Initially, these web pages are referenced with the URL (Uniform Resource Locator, the type of addressing used on the World Wide Web):

Any text editor available on FRONTIER may be used to create web pages. The default or main web page, however, must be named index.html, for the URL format of to be used. Other web page files may be created, and these will referenced by a URL format similar to:

Setting Permissions for Web Pages

The FRONTIER web server requires that the system be given execute permission to your home directory. Use the following command:

chmod 701 ~

where the tilde, ~, refers to your home directory.

Next, a directory must be created for web pages. The name of this directory must be named public_html, and it must be in lower case. Use the following command to create this directory:

mkdir ~/public_html

This directory must also be set up with execute permission for the system:

chmod 701 ~/public_html

With the directory and permissions established, web page files may now be created. Use the cd command to move into the public_html directory:

cd ~/public_html

All web page files must have system read permission. Use the following command to give all files system read permission:

chmod 704 *.*


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Contact the IT Help Desk at 766-HELP (4357), option 1
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