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WyoWeb Portal Frequently Asked Questions

WyoWeb is an Internet portal. A portal is, in essence, a secure Web site, available from anywhere with an Internet connection, which pulls information from many different sources into one easy-to-remember location. This information may be from UW-specific computer systems, Internet sources, email systems, etc. The content within the portal is personalized to each user, and the portal has a customizable interface so that each person can display the information that is important to them in the way that is most meaningful to them.

WyoWeb will be the system through which students register for classes, view financial aid, pay their bills, and complete many other functions. Faculty will use WyoWeb to provide access to online class materials, post grades, and work with advisees. Staff will complete a number of administrative functions through WyoWeb. WyoWeb is also a key communication mechanism for UW. It contains University announcements, announcements targeted at specific groups, information on University events, information about various campus groups, a calendar, and access to a person's UW email account.

How do I access WyoWeb?

WyoWeb is available from any computer with an Internet connection by going to All current students, faculty, and staff of the University of Wyoming have access to WyoWeb using their UWYO domain username and password, so you do not have to remember a new username and password.

How do I get a username and password for WyoWeb?

If you are currently a UW student, faculty member, or staff member, you already have a username and password for WyoWeb – it is your UWYO domain username and password, the same account you use to login to any computer on campus or access your UW email.  Most alumni since 1987, and alumni who have requested transcripts in the last year, can also access WyoWeb although they will not have UW email available to them.
To obtain your username and initial password, go to, and click Get Your Username and Initial Password.
If you are new to the University of Wyoming (UW), UWYO accounts and initial passwords are pre-created for all UW faculty, staff, and students once their information has cleared either Human Resources (for faculty and staff) or the Admissions Office (for students). In order to use your new account, you will need to change the initial password to one of your own choosing. When you log into WyoWeb for the first time, you will be prompted to change your password. You will not be able to use your account to access your UW email, VPN, or other UW network resources until this has been completed.
For most alums before 1987, prospective students, or UW donors, you can not currently access the features of WyoWeb, but we are working hard to finish the projects that will provide you access. Watch for additional information on when and how you will access WyoWeb.
If you think you should have a username and password but you do not know what they are, contact the IT Help Desk at 307-766-4357 (6-HELP), option 1.

What should I do if my username and password do not work?

Contact the IT Help Desk at (307)766-HELP (4357), option 1.

Why do I have to answer security questions when I first log in to WyoWeb?

The purpose of the security questions is to provide a mechanism for you to reset your own password if you happen to forget it. If you forget your password, go to On the left side of the screen, in the Secure Access Login box, click Forgot your password? Click here. The system will ask for your username and then ask you to answer three of the security questions (answers are case sensitive). If you answer the questions correctly, you will be allowed to enter in a new password.

If you have a password issue that you cannot resolve, contact the IT Help Desk for assistance.

Why can't I select my own UW username?

When a student is admitted to the University or when faculty or staff have all necessary hiring paperwork entered into the Human Resources computer system, Banner automatically generates computer accounts based on the needs of the person. Banner, UWYO domain, file storage, email, and WyoWeb portal accounts are all generated automatically with the same username and password, simplifying the process of using UW computing resources.

The Banner algorithm for assigning usernames ensures that two people will not get the same username / email address. This algorithm uses the first letter of the person's first name and up to seven letters of the person's last name to generate the username. For instance, Bill Jackson would have the username bjackson. If someone else already had a particular username, a sequential number would be substituted for the last letter. Using the example above where Bill Jackson was assigned the username bjackson, when Bonnie Jackson came to UW, she would be assigned the username bjackso1. Later, when Bart Jackson arrived, he would be assigned bjackso2, and so on. Usernames are never recycled, so if Bill Jackson left, no one would ever be assigned bjackson.

Do I really need to logout and close my browser when I am done using WyoWeb?

Yes. Failure to do this on public computers, such as in a lab or in the Wyoming Union, could allow someone else to access your confidential information or your email account. The best way to ensure that your data stays private and secure is to click the logout icon in the upper right-hand corner of the window, and then close the browser when you are finished using WyoWeb.

Will I be logged out of WyoWeb if I accidentally forget to log out myself?

Yes, you will be automatically logged out of WyoWeb after a certain period of inactivity based on whether you are a student or staff and faculty. After 30 minutes for students or 4 hours for staff and faculty, a pop-up window will appear asking if you wish to remain logged on. If there is no response to this pop-up window, you will be logged out of WyoWeb.

These settings are a security feature to help prevent unauthorized use of your account.

Why do I keep getting logged out of WyoWeb before the specified period of inactivity?

Being prematurely logged out of WyoWeb can occur if you are using your browser's Back button to navigate throughout WyoWeb. Instead, it is recommended that you use the navigation features built into WyoWeb, such as clicking the individual tab headings to return to a previous tab or clicking back to tabname Tab at the top of the screen when applicable.

Why does WyoWeb immediately time out after I log in?

This can occur if you are using an unsupported Internet browser. To determine what browser and browser version you are using, select the Help menu, and click About Browser Name. To check what Internet browsers are supported for WyoWeb, see the Supported Browsers Web page (

After I change my password, should I wait a few minutes before logging in again to WyoWeb?

Yes. Changing your password for WyoWeb changes your password for the UW network, UWSTUDENT lab computers, your UW email, and other systems. It takes a few minutes for the new password to make its way to all of these systems. If you wait five minutes, you should not have any problems. If you do have problems, please contact the IT Help Desk at (307)766-HELP (4357), option 1.

When I try to login to WyoWeb, why is it asking me about certificates?

Certificates are an electronic security feature that helps ensure the security of your data and of the entire WyoWeb system. If pop-up windows appear that ask about certificates for WyoWeb, it is because your browser does not recognize the certificate authority that issued the WyoWeb site certificate. Various browsers will display differently worded messages, but in general, you should accept the certificate to gain access to the WyoWeb site.

For more information about certificates and SSL (secure socket layers), see the SSL FAQ ( and the Practice Safe Computing article ( in the winter 2005 IT newsletter.

What browser options are required to access WyoWeb?

Pop-up windows, cookies, JavaScript, and Java must be allowed or supported by the browser you are using to access WyoWeb. If any of these options are disabled or blocked, when you try to access the WyoWeb portal, you will be redirected to a Web page notifying you of the problem and providing instructions on making the changes to allow for these components in various browsers.

You can set pop-ups to be allowed for only while still maintaining the same level of protection against pop-ups on all other sites. Options for enabling / disabling cookies varies with your choice of browser. For example, Firefox allows the selection of specific sites while Internet Explorer offers a variety of acceptance levels but not the option to include or exclude specific sites.

NOTE: If you have a third-party pop-up blocking software installed, you will also need to add as an exception for that software as well.

When trying to access the WyoWeb login screen, I get a message saying that I need to turn off my pop-up blocker. Why is this, and how do I fix it?

WyoWeb utilizes pop-up windows to show the calendar, email, groups, and courses. For WyoWeb to work properly, pop-ups must be allowed. In Internet Explorer 6.x, complete the following steps in order to allow pop-ups in WyoWeb:

  1. Select the Tools menu, point to Pop-Up Blocker, and click Pop-up Blocker Settings.
  2. In the Pop-up Blocker Settings window, in the Address of Web site to allow box, type
  3. Click Add.
  4. Click Close.
Now, go to, and you should be able to get to the login screen.

How do I access my UW email through WyoWeb?

You can access your UW email directly through WyoWeb by clicking on the email icon at the top of the portal window. This will take you directly to your UW Exchange email account through Outlook Web Access without having to re-enter your username and password. Through single sign-on technology, WyoWeb takes you directly to your email account.

Why can't I email my entire class from WyoWeb when using a Mac?

When an email to multiple recipients is created through WyoWeb, semicolons are inserted between the individual email addresses. Mac email clients do not recognize semicolons as legitimate separators, so the semicolons need to be replaced with commas – either manually or through a find-and-replace.

Work around: right-click the email icon, copy the shortcut, and do a find-and-replace before pasting the email addresses into an email.   NOTE:  Courses with a large number of students will not be able to generate a full email list using the email icon.  Instead instructors with large classes should go into Banner Self-Service in WyoWeb and go to either the Summary Class List or Detailed Class List pages and use either the Display Email List or the Download Class Data links to generate initial email lists.

Can I access other email accounts, like Hotmail or Yahoo, through WyoWeb?

You can but not directly. One method to do this is to forward your outside email accounts to your UW email account, putting all your email in one place.

What happened to the UWSTUDENT domain and WebMail for students?

The combination of the UWYO and UWSTUDENT Windows domains during the summer of 2005 simplified a number of things on campus. It also set the stage for the migration of student email accounts from WebMail on ASUWlink to Microsoft Exchange email accounts. This move provided enhanced email, calendaring, and related functionality to students while putting them on the same email platform as the majority of faculty and staff. The new student email accounts will be tightly integrated with the WyoWeb portal.

What is my W number, and how do I find it in WyoWeb?

The W Number is your new personal identifier at UW. In most instances, it replaces the use of your Social Security number (SSN). Everyone who has a computer account at UW has a W number. With the rise of issues such as identity theft, it is desirable to eliminate the use and availability of SSNs wherever possible.  The best opportunity to replace SSNs as identifiers was with the implementation of the new student information system and WyoWeb.

To find your W number in WyoWeb:


  1. In WyoWeb, select the Student Resources tab.
  2. In the Registration Tools channel, click the Class Schedule link.
  3. Your W number can be found beneath your name in the upper right corner of the screen.


  1. In WyoWeb, select the Faculty tab.
  2. In the Faculty Dashboard channel, click  the name of one of your courses.
  3. Your W number can be found before your name in the upper right corner of the screen.


While WyoWeb changes are in progress to allow staff to easily find their W number in WyoWeb, for now, staff should contact either the Office of the Registrar or Human Resources to obtain their W number.

Why can I not search for a student using their W number?

Faculty and staff with access to Self Service Banner (SSB) through WyoWeb can search for a student using their W number. However, the "W" must be capitalized for the search to work.

In WyoWeb (or CashNet) I'm asked for my Banner ID. What do I enter for this?

Generally when asked for your Banner ID when in WyoWeb (or CashNet), it is referring to your W Number. For assistance in locating your W Number, see What is my W number, and how do I find it in WyoWeb? (

Can I make WyoWeb look the way I want it to?

You certainly can! Most channels can be deleted or moved as can most tabs. New tabs can be created and entire Web sites can be embedded in tabs. Some people have simplified WyoWeb so that all their key information is on the Home tab, eliminating the need to click around to find information. Others have added many new tabs to organize information to accommodate the way they work best. The key to configuring WyoWeb to your tastes is logging into WyoWeb and clicking the Content/Layout link in the upper left corner of the screen. More detailed instructions can be found within WyoWeb by clicking the help icon (the question mark) in the upper-right corner of the screen.

How do I remove a channel that I no longer want to see?

In the upper left-hand corner of each channel is a small grey box with an X in it. Click on this box, and a message will appear asking "Are you sure you want to remove this channel?" Click OK in the message to remove the channel.

If nothing seems to happen when you click the X in the channel, then the channel you are trying to remove can not be removed. It contains important information and needs to remain available.

How can I customize the channels and tabs to look like I want them to look?

In the upper right-hand corner of the portal, just below the pictures, is the Content/Layout link. Clicking on this link will take you to the Manage Content/Layout page where you can add channels, remove channels, reorder channels, add / delete tabs, and complete other activities. 

For full instructions on how to customize the look of your portal, select the Help tab in the portal, and in the Tutorial channel, click Can I customize my layout?

Why can't I remove some channels and tabs?

A few, but not many, channels have been defined by UW as being so important that they should not be deleted. These include the University Announcements, Personal Announcements, and My Courses channels. If a tab has a channel that can not be deleted, the tab can not be deleted.

The goal is to make WyoWeb as flexible as possible, so only absolutely critical channels will be blocked from being removed. As WyoWeb matures, new channels may be added that can not be removed, but this will be kept to a minimum.

Why, when I log out of my UW email account in Outlook Web Access and try to return to WyoWeb, do I receive a Session Expired error stating "You have either timed out due to inactivity or have logged out from a previous session"?

This error occurs in Internet Explorer due to the way in which it handles cookies. To prevent this from occurring, when accessing your UW email through WyoWeb, do not click Log Off to exit Outlook Web Access; rather, click the X to simply close the browser window. This will allow you to return to WyoWeb without having to log back in.

Can I change my personal address and phone number through WyoWeb?

If you are a student or faculty member, you can change your address in WyoWeb. If you are an employee or are trying to change the address to which your paycheck or tax forms are sent, you need to go through Human Resources to change your information. 

NOTE: Information Technology is working on providing the ability for employees to change their address through WyoWeb.

When trying to access Banner through WyoWeb, why do I get the error "ORA-12154: TNS: could not resolve service name"?

If you use the "@" character in your UWYO password, you will see this error when attempting to access Banner through WyoWeb. To resolve this, change your UWYO password, and do not use the "@" character.

When I try to register for classes through WyoWeb, why does clicking many of the links bring up a blank page?

This problem occurs if the network through which your computer is connected is currently blocking port 443, which is required to utilize WyoWeb for registration activities. In order to register through WyoWeb, try accessing WyoWeb from a computer on a different network or at home or establish a UW VPN connection prior to accessing WyoWeb.

For further information on the UW WyoSecure VPN, go to the WyoSecure VPN FAQ.

How can I make suggestions for improvements to WyoWeb?

In WyoWeb, click the suggest icon in the upper right corner of the screen. This will provide a form you can fill out to offer your suggestions.

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