Clennan Group

The Clennan Physical Organic Chemistry Group is interested in Organic Photochemistry and more specifically in photoinduced electron transfer, singlet oxygen chemistry, and the design and photochemical and photochromic applications of new polyaromatic and polyheteroaromatic hydrocarbons.   

Physical Organic Chemistry and Photochemistry

Physical Organic Chemistry is the quantitative underpinning of the entire area of organic chemistry.  It is a multidisciplinary field that draws upon quantum mechanics (computational chemistry), kinetics, spectroscopy, synthesis, and organic structure determination in order to understand the relationship between structure and reactivity in organic molecules.  It is a vibrant modern area of chemistry that directly impacts progress in bioorganic, organometallic, materials, and supramolecular chemistry.  Organic Photochemistry is a subdiscipline of Physical Organic Chemistry concerned with the understanding of the dynamic and structural effects of the interaction of light with organic molecules.  

Note:  Scattered throughout our website you will find photos of chemists who have made seminal contributions to physical organic chemisty.  They are representatives of a much larger group of scientists who have made valuable contributions to this exciting topical research area. © Edward Clennan 2013