About FNUW

Friends of Nepal at the University of Wyoming (FNUW) was established as a non-profit student organization in January, 2008 with a view of facilitating the incoming students from Nepal; promoting Nepal and Nepali culture in UW and surrounding community; enhancing friendly relations among Nepali and other students, faculty and staff at UW; and bringing them together for social events featuring Nepali festivals such as “Dashain” and “Nepali New Year”.

At the establishment phase of the organization, there were around a dozen of Nepali students at UW including research fellows who envisioned and materialized the need of an active Nepali student organization operating under UW policies and regulations which is now considered as one of the most active student wing’s in the UW community. All students and research associates were highly excited and heavily engaged in setting up the organization including: Dr. Nava Raj Pradhan; Dr. Mohan B. Dangi; Dr. Sadikshya Dangi /Rana; Mr. Loknath Adhikari, Mr. Binod Pokhrel, Mr. Tek B. Dangi, Mr. Shashidhar Belbase, Mr. Sujan Khanal, Ms. Arati Basnet, Mr. Anuj Basnet, Mr. Vagaban Subedi, Mr. Sachit B. Thapa, Mr. Matthew Scarborough, Ms. Jennifer Ingram, Mr. Saurav Devkota, and Mr. Karan Maskey. Of course, Professor Rod Garnett, FNUW’s first faculty advisor; and its first Executive Committee Members including Arati Basnet as the president played a crucial role for the successful launching of the organization.

University of Wyoming’s reputation as a center of academic excellence and one of the best values for money universities in the US has been well disseminated in Nepali student community. As a result of this, the number of Nepali students at UW has reached a constant record high of around sixty-five for last three consecutive years. Besides the friendly ambience and unique culture of hospitality of UW, FNUW complements as a link between UW and Nepali student community to make their stay in Laramie, UW a comfortable one filled with academic achievement. There is no doubt that FNUW is both growing in size and enhancing and expanding its activities to better serve its members as per its objectives.

We would like to welcome every Nepali and other students at UW to join us and actively partake in our upcoming events.