Kenya Educational Exchange Program for Students

MISSION STATEMENT: The primary goal of KEEPS is to provide educational opportunities to those who would otherwise be denied such experiences due to financial or cultural deficiencies. This will be achieved through the exchange of students between two very dissimilar cultures - Kenya and Wyoming. Where Wyoming students will be given a once in a lifetime cultural gift beyond monetary value, Kenyans will be given something they have only dreamed, but never imagined possible, the chance at an advanced degree. KEEPS is designed to change peoples lives, forever!

About KEEPS: Although we are currently receiving considerable assistance from the International Programs Office, our goal is to become completely funded from external private or corporate donations and federal grants. The program is administered by an unsalaried emeritus faculty member, so that donation money can be maximized to support the students for which the program was designed. KEEPS is an International Cooperative between the University of Wyoming, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources in Laramie, Wyoming and Manor House Bio-Intensive Agriculture Center in Kitale, Kenya.

KEEPS Projects: There are four main projects currently funded through KEEPS.
  1. Karibu Kenya: Culture and Agriculture in Africa - a class offered in December of each year following finals week and lasting 12 days. Maximum enrollment is 18 Wyoming Students. Sites visited include agricultural sites in Nairobi, Kitale, Kericho, and Naivasha, with tours of natural sites including: The Great Rift Valley, Hell's Gate National Park and Masai Mara Game Park. All travel in Kenya (24 passenger bus and 9 passenger vans) is provided. This program is funded at a rate of $10,000/per class. Student expenses vary between $500 and $3,500 dependent on scholarship support, which is based on GPA and/or financial need. There are no plans to expand this program beyond current levels, however current funding runs out after January of 2012.
  2. Manor House Bio-Intensive Agriculture Certification - a summer (3 month) student exchange program in Kitale, Kenya for 3 Wyoming students. All expenses (tuition, room/board and airfare) are paid. This program is funded at a rate of $3,800/per student. There should be no additional costs to the students. With additional funding, up to 12 students could be included in this program each summer. Read the Biographies of the Wyoming students involved in the pilot program.
  3. University of Wyoming, Department of Plant Sciences, Agrobiology Certificate a two semester (9 months) student exchange program in Laramie, Wyoming for 2 Kenyan Manor House Graduates. All expenses (tuition, room/board and airfare) are paid. This program is funded at a rate of $20,000/per student and there should be no additional costs to the students. With additional funding this program could result in a four year degree program for up to 8 Kenya students. Read the Biographies of the Kenyan students involved in the pilot program.
  4. Faculty and Equipment Support System - this program is designed to gather equipment, such as microscopes and computers to be transported to Kenya. Generally, these are surplus items gathered at UW and delivered by students in the exchange program. The faculty support system is designed to strengthen the science and math courses at Manor House. Volunteers will teach the teachers in areas like microbiology, statistics, research methodology, soil chemistry and plant pathology over the summer period.

For Donations to KEEPS using a check:
Make checks payable to the: UW Foundation
Please make sure that you note on the check that the donation is for KEEPS.
You will receive a receipt for tax purposes.
Mailing Address:

Dean’s Office - College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Dept. 3354, 1000 E. University Avenue
Laramie, Wyoming 82071

For Donations to KEEPS using a credit card:
Go to
Select “Give On-line” from the left menu
A secure information site will pull up. Fill in requested information.
Check the box for “Other UW Department/Unit/Area”
Then after “If other” type in KEEPS

Please address any inquiries or questions to Dr. David W. Wilson, KEEPS Project Director at

Check out the photo pages from the Karibu Kenya class in December!