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University of Wyoming


Sampling Design: Monitoring site runoff

This method involves measuring the runoff that comes directly off the monitoring site – before it enters the water body (e.g., return irrigation flows).

  • The runoff from the site can be sampled and quantified.
  • If used before and after implementation, this provides a direct measurement of the impact of the implementation of the BMP.
  • Runoff must be monitored before and after the implementation to demonstrate the impact.
  • Runoff must be measured or adequately estimated during the duration of the flow to measure concentration and load to demonstrate impact.
When to use this approach:
  • Use this for smaller implementations, such as modifications in a small feeding operation or small field scale BMPs.
  • Use this when the impact is likely to be fairly substantial, because otherwise it might be hard to detect.
  • Use this when the BMP is off-stream and runoff does not go directly to the stream (e.g., groundwater infiltration, diversion points, etc.).