about the Center for Computational Hydrology and HydroSciences

Tropical Hydrology
The purpose of this Center is to provide closer coordination between the current NSF RII Track I and Track II projects, and to facilitate collaboration in computational hydrosciences across campus and planning for follow-on proposals.

The overarching objective of the NSF EPSCoR program is to enhance research competiveness at EPSCoR universities through enhancement of research infrastructure and programs. In the past two years, the University of Wyoming has been awarded two large cooperative agreements from NSF EPSCoR related to water resources. Both of these projects have computational modeling components. These projects have much commonality in personnel. The proposed CCHH will provide an umbrella organization to foster collaboration between these two projects, and defines a focus area of excellence that is consistent with the strategic plan of the University of Wyoming, and meet the needs of the State of Wyoming by improving hydrologic understanding and predictive capabilities. Furthermore, the proposed center will create an avenue to broaden participation in computational efforts related to water, enhance collaboration between computational and experimental research, and increase research visibility and communications across campus in related fields.

  • Education: Participate in and possibly facilitate campus-wide discussions of scientific computing curriculum.
  • Outreach: Suggest high profile visitors to fit into existing seminar series in participating colleges and departments. One high-profile sponsored visitor per year. Regular presentations by affiliated faculty to increase knowledge of research being done on campus.
  • Coordination: Facilitate communications with related on-campus groups, such as Center for Subsurface Flow Through Porous Media, Institute for Scientific Computation, WYGISC.
  • Communications: Improve communications regarding scientific computing opportunities and resources available at UW.
  • Team Building: Perform campus-wide communications of relevant RFP's, and foster creation of proposal teams.
University of Wyoming Center for Computational Hydrology and HydroSciences