ADHydro: Watershed Modeling

ADHydro management ADHydro Architecture

ADHydro is a large-scale, high-resolution, multi-physics watershed simulation being developed by the CI-WATER watershed modeling team. ADHydro is designed with these features:

  • Specifically developed for high performance computing environments rather than single computers allowing larger scale and higher resolution simulation domains.

  • Includes all hydrologically important processes and anthropogenic influences at scales of relevance using a physics-based approach where parameter values are measurable and identifiable and provide useful results for non-researchers.

  • Includes API standards to allow open-source software development for substitution of alternative process-level simulation routines.

  • In concert with other CI-WATER tools will be usable by professional water managers without high performance computing expertise.

ADHydro will be a significant advance in the toolset available to water managers that will revolutionize the way water is managed in the western U.S

ADHydro Mesh Processing

As of October 2014, we have parallelized the ADHydro code, and are doing runs on the UWyo Advanced Research Computing Cluster using 512 and more cores! Parallelization was achieved using the CHARM++ run-time environment. We are performing benchmarking and validation tests at present, and running with WRF model forcing for a 10-year simulation period. We anticipate code release by August, 2015.

University of Wyoming Center for Computational Hydrology and HydroSciences