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Amy Banic

abanic at cs dot uwyo dot edu

Assistant Professor of Computer Science.
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Angela Benavides

abenavi3 at uwyo dot edu

I'm from Colombia, where I obtained my BSc in Computer Science. Currently, I'm a Master student in Computer Science at the University of Wyoming.

I like to travel and get to know new places as much as I can.
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Rajiv Khadka

rkhadka at uwyo dot edu

I am from Nepal. Currently, I am a Ph.D Student at University of Wyoming and work at the 3DIA Lab.
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Thao Phung

tphung at uwyo dot edu

I am undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science, and do research at the 3DIA Lab.
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Nikhil Shetty

nshetty at uwyo dot edu

This is Nikhil.
Nikhil likes to code.
His weapon of choice is common lisp. He programs in VR using common lisp.
Nikhil intends to make a significant contribution to VR.
Be like Nikhil.
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Russell Nathan Todd

rtodd at uwyo dot edu

I’m a Wyoming native and am currently a sophomore at the University of Wyoming. I love virtual reality and am excited to be a part of this growing field. I am currently working on changes in human gait in virtual reality which I started as a research fellow during my freshman summer.
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Daniel Wilches

dwilches at uwyo dot edu

I'm a Computer Scientist from Colombia. Now I'm living in the United States where I'm carrying out my Ph.D. studies.