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Berry Graduate Student Fellowships for Fall 2015

Berry Graduate Student Fellowships are intended for outstanding students interested in pursuing a MS or PhD with an emphasis in ecology, evolution, and/or conservation. Applicants must have a faculty advisor from the Department of Zoology and Physiology. Students currently in a graduate program at UW are ineligible. The initial fellowship period is one year, renewable for up to a total of three years contingent on performance. Starting date is August 2015. Berry Fellows will receive an annual stipend of $24,000 and a research fund of $5,000 per year. They will be eligible for UW benefits.

Application procedure
The applicant must first contact a faculty member in the Department of Zoology and Physiology to arrange sponsorship. Once an advisor is arranged, the applicant needs to submit, in a single PDF file: a cover letter including the name of their faculty sponsor, a two-page research interest and goals statement, a CV, and GRE scores. Separately, applicants need to ensure that three letters of recommendation and a letter of support from their faculty sponsor are received by the Committee. All materials should be sent to the Berry Fellowship Committee <cbenkman [at]> by 10 January 2015. You will also need to apply to the Graduate Program in the Department of Zoology and Physiology. Refer to the following URL for applying:


Prospective Graduate Students

How to Apply

1. I may accept a graduate student for fall 2015. I am especially keen on highly motivated students whose background and interests overlap or complement my research interests. Please email me describing your research interests and future goals, and why you would like to work in my lab before you apply.

2. Apply to the Zoology and Physiology graduate program


Advice for Graduate Students

Here are two essays on being successful in graduate school that my students have found useful:
1. "Some modest advice for graduate students" by Stephens C. Stearns can be viewed here or download the PDF here

2. "On being a successful graduate student in the sciences" by John N. Thompson can be viewed here or download the PDF here