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University of Wyoming

Opportunities for graduate studies at the University of Wyoming


Faculty with interests in evolutionary biology work in many of the science departments at the University of Wyoming. Consequently, students have diverse opportunties for pursuing graduate research with a focus in evolutionary biology.

Graduate degrees (M.S. and Ph.D.) are offered by individual departments (Botany, Geology and Geophysics, Ecosystem Science and Management, and Zoology and Physiology), as well as through interdepartmental graduate programs in Ecology and Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences.

The University of Wyoming is a great place to study evolution. Interested students can learn more about the opportunities we offer by contacting indvidual faculty members directly.

Participating faculty:

  • Craig Benkman, Zoology and Physiology
    Adaptive radiation, coevolution of birds and conifers
  • Greg Brown, Botany
    Bromeliaceae systematics
  • Alex Buerkle, Botany
    Genetics of adaptation and speciation
  • Matt Carling, Zoology and Physiology
    Speciation and adaptation in birds
  • Mark Clementz, Geology and Geophysics
    Paleobiology and adaptation in shallow marine ecosystems
  • Ron Hartman, Botany
    Flora and biogeography of the Rocky Mountains, Plant Systematics
  • Kristina Hufford, Ecosystem Science and Management
    Local adaptation of plants, restoration ecology
  • Amy Krist, Zoology and Physiology
    Evolutionary ecology of host-parasite interactions and of invasive species
  • David McDonald, Zoology and Physiology
    Evolution of cooperation, network modeling
  • Melanie Murphy, Ecosystem Science and Management
    Landscape genetics and spatial ecology
  • Scott Shaw, Ecosystem Science and Management
    Wasp systematics (Braconidae)
  • Naomi Ward, Molecular Biology
    Microbial genomics, ecology, and systematics
  • Cynthia Weinig, Botany
    Plant evolutionary genetics
  • Katie Wagner, Botany
    Evolution of biodiversity
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