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Sustaining the Value of the Book

A Wyoming Signatures Interview with Eric Nye

Webliography maintained by Eric W. Nye (profile), Department of English, University of Wyoming


Synoptic Sites


Literature Archives

Sound Archives

Text Generators

Text Studies & English 4980

General Literature American
Classics & Medieval Romantic
Victorian Library Catalogues

New: Currency Converter and see the transcription of the Spring 2010 Focus Groups

Works in Progress:

John Kemble and the Spanish Expedition of 1830-1831, an edition of his manuscript journal.

Jane Austen Society of the University of Wyoming


Jack Lynch's Literary Resources on the Web

Voice of the Shuttle

E-Server (University of Washington) 

LSU Libraries Webliography

University of Pennsylvania Server

Daniel Traister's Links Page

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Encyclopedia Britannica

Chicago Manual of Style FAQ

Columbia University Guide to Online Style

British Library Newspaper Library-History (Colindale) 

Oxford New DNB

British Royal Genealogies (Penn State)

American National Biography Online (not available at UW)

Internationaler Biographischer Index

Almanach de Gotha

Burke's Peerage

Burke's Landed Gentry

Debrett's Peerage

Writers, Artists, and Their Copyright Holders (Texas)

Roman Calendar

Calendar Conversions

Index of Saints

Perpetual Calendar (new style only)

Perpetual Calendar (old and new style) or another

Historical Maps of London (Perseus)

Index of Song Lyrics (Indiana) 

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Bartlett's Book of Quotations (Bartleby)

Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable (Bartleby)

The King's English by H. W. Fowler (Bartleby)

Chadwyck-Healey Historical Newspapers (Palmer's Index to the Times)

Poole's Index of 19th Century Periodicals (free trial use until 15 March at UW)

Ulrich's Periodicals Directory

Ancient World Mapping Center

Interactive Ancient Mediterranean Maps

Royal Commission on Historical Monuments

A Disagreeably Facetious Type Glossary

Wordsmyth Dictionary and Thesaurus

Oxford English Dictionary Online (not available at UW)

Online Dictionaries (FSU)

Early Modern English Dictionaries Database Search Utility (Toronto)

Index of Neologisms (Liverpool)

Nobel Prize Internet Archive

Nobel Prize Official Site

Literary Prizes (Bookwire)

Index of English Departments Worldwide

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Representative Poetry Online (Toronto)

Chadwyck-Healey Literature Online (not available at UW)

Alex Catalogue of Electronic texts (Berkeley)

Bartleby: Great Books Online

Electronic Text Center (UVa)

British Poetry 1780-1910 (ETC, UVa)

HTI Text Collections (Michigan)

Project Gutenberg

Universal Library (CMU)

Online Books Page (Penn)

Electronic Literature Directory

Books on the Internet (Texas)

Classic Short Stories

Christian Classics Ethereal Library (Calvin College)

Gaslight Electronic Texts

Plagiarist.com (poetry archive)

French Novels and Stories (Swarthmore)


Poetry Archives (emule.com)

Wondering Minstrels (Rice Univ.)

Concordances of Great Books

Historical Newspapers Online-Chadwyck Healey (not available at UW)

Annual Register: 1758-78 (Oxford)

Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine: 1843-63 (Oxford)

Gentleman's Magazine: 1731-50 (Oxford)

Notes and Queries: 1849-69 (Oxford)

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society: 1757-77 (Oxford)

Times Literary Supplement Archive (not available at UW)

Directory of Electronic Theses and Dissertations (UVa)

UMI Proquest Dissertation Abstracts Search Engine

The Internet Classics Archive (MIT)

American and French Research on the Treasury of the French Language

Bodleian Library Broadside Ballads

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (MIT)

The Shakespeare Web

Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet

Bible: King James Version (Michigan)

Bible: Revised Standard Version (Michigan)

The Bible Gateway


Dead Sea Scrolls (Library of Congress)

Lindisfarne Gospels (British Library)

Gutenberg Bible in Digital Form

Gutenberg Bible (British Library)

Die Bibel trans. Martin Luther (Michigan)

The Tyndale New Testament (British Library)

Polyglot Bible Gospel of Luke (Illinois State)

Resources for Biblical Studies (Norway)

Bible Studies (Voice of the Shuttle)

Bible Texts (Voice of the Shuttle)

The Bible Tutor (Luther Seminary)

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Sounds of London in the Nineteenth Century (Fiona Shaw, BBC)

A Directory of Poetry Readings on the Internet

Harper Audio

Academy of American Poets: Listening Booth

Ballads, Cavalier Ballads, Ditties, Folksongs, Hymns and Jigs of England

Walt Whitman, "America" (1888) . Audio.

Robert Browning, "How they Brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix" (1889). Audio.

Alfred, Lord Tennyson, "Charge of the Light Brigade" (1890). Audio.

Dylan Thomas recites Henry Reed's parody of T. S. Eliot, "Chard Whitlow"(1941)Text.

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Complaint Generator (UCSD)

Random Poem Generator (Michigan)

Postmodern Thesis Generator (Monash)

The Dialectizer

Chomskybot (Michigan)

Computer Generated Haiku

The Spoonbill Generator

Random Sentence Generator

100 Monkeys: the Eddington Problem

Norman and John Holland's Artificially Intelligent Javascripted Literary Critic!

Lorem ipsum...

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History of Mathematics Archive (St. Andrew's)

History of Mathematics Sources (I U Penn)

Wordcruncher (Hamilton-Locke, Inc.)

Microsoft Typography



Foyer: Is it a Book?

Book History and Design

Animated History of  Books (BBC)

Humanities Interactive (Texas)

Search Engine Watch

Edsitement (NEH)

MLA Guide to Electronic Publication

Creating and Documenting Electronic Texts (Oxford Text Archive)

High Noon by Peter Ludlow

Net Future

The Future of the Page (Saskatchewan, June 2000)

Memex and Beyond (Brown)

Hypertext at Eastgate Systems, Inc.

Rationale of Hypertext (Jerome McGann)

Kierkegaard on the Information Highway ( Hubert L. Dreyfus)

Wired News

Colophon Fine Books (.com)

Octavo: Digital Books (.com)

Questia Research Service (.com)

Fathom Online Education (.com)

Introduction to Metadata (Getty)

Cultureonline.org (Web Books)

The Book and the Computer

Humanities computing* as interdiscipline by Willard McCarty

CTI Textual Studies

WATCH: Writers, Artists, and Their Copyright Holders

Electronic Text Collections in Western European Literature

Oxford University Humanities Computing Unit

The Centre for Computing in the Humanities (CCH), King's College London

Text Analysis Computing Tools (TACT)

TACTWeb Demonstration

The Electronic Labyrinth Home Page (UVa)

Shake-speares Sonnets (1609) Renaissance Electronic Texts (Toronto)

Model Editions Partnership

TEXT Reviews

XHTML™ 1.0: The Extensible HyperText Markup Language

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The Cambridge History of English and American Literature (Bartleby)

Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature (Chadwyck Healey)

English Literary Studies Monograph Series (UBC)

Online Literary Criticism Collection (Source for Plagiarism)

A Glossary of Literary Terms (Wiki: Univ. N. Carolina Pembroke)

A Glossary of Literary Terms (Harris)

A Glossary of Literary and Rhetorical Terms (Lynch)

Lit Crit Links

LITWEB: An Online Companion to The Norton Introduction to Literature

Longman English Pages

Academy of American Poets

The Writer's Almanac®

Poetry Daily

Poems that Go (.com)

Associated Writing Programs (GMU)

London Review of Books Online

Times Literary Supplement Online

Times Literary Supplement Archive (not available at UW)

Literature Online Chadwyck-Healey (not available at UW)

Welcome to the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts

British Postal History

The History Net


Books in Print (Bowker)

Alta Vista Translation Engine

Internet Movie Database

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Making of America (Michigan)

American Studies Hypertexts (UVa)

American Studiesweb (Georgetown)

Electronic Archives for Teaching the American Literatures (Georgetown)

American Verse Project (Michigan)

Library of America

American Memory (Library of Congress)

Wyoming Writers Database (Center for the Book)

The Walt Whitman Hypertext Archive (Ken Price)

Stanford's Dime Novel and Story Paper Collection

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Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG)

Internet Classics Archive (MIT)

The Chicago Homer (not available at UW)

Bryn Mawr Classical Review

VRoma Information

The Perseus Project

The Latin Library at Ad Fontes Academy

Armarium Labyrinthi: Labyrinth Latin Bookcase

The Confessions of Augustine: An Electronic Edition

Simon Keynes' Home Page

ORB Online Reference Books for Medieval Studies

The Heroic Age

Labyrinth (Georgetown)

Anthology of Middle English Literature, 1350-1485

The Middle English Compendium (Michigan)

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International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies

Internet Library of Early Journals (Oxford)

Eighteenth-Century Resources (Jack Lynch)

Literary Resources -- Romantic (Jack Lynch)

Voice of the Shuttle: English Literature Romantics

Printed Sources of the 1990s for 18th-Century Studies

Norton Topics Online (Norton Anthology of English Literature)

Romanticism On the Net

Romantic Chronology

Romantic Circles

Romantic Circles Electronic Editions

Romanticism: The CD-ROM

Interdisciplinary Nineteenth Century Studies

New Books in Nineteenth-Century British Studies.

Women Romantic-era Writers

British Women Romantic Poets Project:

British Women Playwrights around 1800

British Poetry 1780-1910: a Hypertext Archive of Scholarly Editions (UVa)

WorldWideWeb HomePage Jerome McGann

The Quarterly Review 1809-24 

Jane Austen Info Page

William Blake Archive (UVa)

William Blake Concordance

Blake Digital Text Project

Centre for Byron Studies, School of English Studies (Univ Nottingham)

The John Clare Page (Nottingham Trent)

The Samuel Taylor Coleridge Archive (UVa)

Table of Contents, William Hone BioText (Alabama)

Keats-Shelley Journal

Sir Walter Scott-Waverley Hypertext

Lyrical Ballads William Wordsworth and another

The Lyrical Ballads Bicentenary Project

The Wordsworth Trust, Centre for British Romanticism

The Wordsworth Museum

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Literary Resources -- Victorian British (Jack Lynch, Rutgers)

Victoria Research Web (Patrick Leary, Indiana)

The Victorian Web (George Landow, Brown)

The Victorian Women Writers Project (Indiana)

Victorian London Research

Research Society for Victorian Periodicals

Victorian Periodicals

The Curran Index of Revisions to the Wellesley Index of Victorian Periodicals


Victorian Studies on the Web

Victorian Poetry (journal)

Robert Browning (Tennessee)

Alfred, Lord Tennyson (SFSU)

Tennyson in Lincolnshire

Elizabeth Gaskell Society

Dickens House Museum, London

Charles Dickens: the Active Portal

The Dickens Project (Univ California)

A Hypertext "Christmas Carol" (Mitsuharu Matsuoka)

The Artmagick Galleries Pre-Raphaelite

Pre-Raphaelite Critic (Duquesne)

The Rossetti Archive (UVa)

William Morris (CUNY)

Gerard Manley Hopkins (Dundee)

Thomas Hardy (Mark Simons)

The Wilfred Owen Multimedia Digital Archive

A. E. Housman

William Butler Yeats

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Directory of North American Research Libraries

ARL Member Libraries' Information Servers

The Library History Database: Britain to 1850 (Robin Alston)

Eureka on the Web (RLG)

Center for Research Libraries (Chicago)


UW Libraries Online

UW Catalogue (click "Direct Link to Title" for World Cat Gateway) 

UW Ferret (for local searches) 

The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

CURL Consortium of University Research Libraries (UK)

COPAC Consortium of University Library Catalogues (UK)

Cambridge University Library

University of London Library

Edinburgh University Library

British Library Portico


British Library Newspaper Library (Colindale)

Oxford University Libraries

Glasgow University Library

Reading University Library

National Library of Scotland

Trinity College Library, Dublin

Karlsruhe Virtual Catalog

Bayerische StaatsBibliothek

Library of Congress Catalogue

New York Public Library Digital

UCLA Library

University of Chicago Library

California Historical Society

University of Colorado Library

Colorado State University Library

University of Northern Colorado Library

University of Denver Penrose Library

University of Iowa Library

University of Michigan

University of Minnesota

University of Nebraska Library

The Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center (Texas)

H W Wilson Reference

Getty Introduction to Metadata


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Historical Journal (CUP)

Journal of American Studies (CUP)

Journal of Ecclesiastical History (CUP)

Journal of Modern History (Chicago)

Philosophy (CUP)

Poetics (Elsevier)

Religious Studies (CUP)

Victorian Literature and Culture (CUP)

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