Scholarly Research

Symbols of England: The Archetypal Images of British Football Club Crests
(Paper presented at 25th Visual Communication Conference, June 15-19, 2011, Taos, N.M.

Archetypes, Mandalas and the Collective Unconscious: Jungian Analysis of Newspaper Flags
(Paper presented at 24th Visual Communication Conference, June 17-19, 2010, Portland, Ore.)

Tapping the Collective Unconscious on Page One:  Case Studies of Original Artwork in Community-newspaper Flags
(Paper presented at 23rd Visual Communication Conference, June 17-23, 2009, Jackson Hole, Wyo.)

Using Writing to Predict Students' Choice of Majors*
Summer 2006 Journalism & Mass Communication Educator

Rate-Setting Procedures for Preprint Advertising at Nondaily Newspapers Abstract
(co-written with Ken Smith) 2005, Journal of Media Economics

Using Writing to Predict Students' Choice of Majors Abstract
(Paper presented at Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication conference, August 4, 2004, Toronto, Canada)

Blog, blog, blog: Experiences with web logs in journalism classes*
(Paper presented at 5th International Symposium on Online Journalism, April 17, 2004, University of Texas. )

Correlates of College Students' Use of Instructor Comments*
Summer 2002, Journalism & Mass Communication Educator

MEDIA ECONOMICS photo: 2005, Journal of Media Economics. (Media Economics photo)
MEDIA ECONOMICS photo: 2005, Journal of Media Economics. (MEDIA ECONOMICS photo)

The Effects of Motivation and Anxiety on College Students' Use of Instructor Comments
Dissertation: December 2000

Computer Assisted Instruction Research in Journalism: A Literature Review
Summer semester 1997

Technology and Distance Education: Continuing education for journalists on-line
Spring semester 1997

Nursing students' attitudes toward compressed video instruction
Spring semester 1997

Educational evaluation: DIWE synchronous writing program
Summer semester 1996

E-mail security: Is your privacy at risk?
Spring semester 1996

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