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South Hills: the unique lodgepole pine cones (note the relatively large distal scales that act to deter crossbills from getting access to underlying seeds - compare to the cones in the next set of photos where red squirrels are present), mistnetting, measuring, and recording South Hills crossbills, and the South Hills.


Red squirrel foraging on a lodgepole pine cone, the surface of a squirrel midden, lodgepole pine forest, nonserotinous and serotinous lodgepole pine cones, and a lodgepole pine seedling growing after a recent fire.



Laramie area photos: Calypso orchids, two Snowy Range photos, Caltha in the Snowy Range, two photos taken near Vedauwoo in the Laramie Range, one from Hutton Lake, and one of pronghorn taken from my house.