Students in Computer Lab

Central Student Technology Committee

About CSTC

The goal of the Central Student Technology Committee (CSTC) is to establish student computing facilities that are discipline-and location-independent. These computer facilities will support a wide variety of state-of-the-art software that is available to all networked student computer facilities. The student computer facilities will be in convenient American Disability Act (ADA) compliant locations across campus and provide extended hours of access to computer technology.

The Central Student Technology Committee will consist of one faculty/staff and one student member from each Student Technology Committee (with the exception of the College of Arts and Sciences who will have two student and two faculty/staff representatives), an Information Technology student, and a full time Information Technology employee. It will be chaired by the full time Information Technology employee.

Voting members include all student representatives and faculty/staff representatives from the individual Student Fee Committees. The chair is not a voting member.