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legal liftoffLegal Liftoff is a mentorship program meant to be held over the course of an academic break. The intention is to provide the student with a possible mentor into the future, and for a supervisor to allow a student the opportunity to observe real world practice and provide a discussion of various issues.

The program aims to provide students with an opportunity to develop professional skills, and for mentors to develop positive early practice protocols with young professionals who are just beginning their legal journey.

The 2025 program will run over spring break in March. 
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The supervisors and student should participate a minimum of 10 hours over the course of the week. Should both parties elect to contribute more, that is each party’s prerogative. The minimum of 10 hours (or more) may be over the course of the week, or within a few days, whichever is most convenient for the participants. There should also be reasonable contact as necessary between student and supervisor through phone and email communication.

There is not remuneration of any kind to any party. This includes pay, course credit or the expectation of a recommendation or job position upon completion.

Student/Mentee Resources

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Pre-program Goals

Post-program Evaluation

Supervisor/Mentor Resources

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Post-program Evaluation

2025 Supervisor Participants
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Should a question or issue arise with either the student, supervisor, or program we would encourage you to reach out to the Career Services Office at  



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