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The University of Wyoming websites follow a decentralized site editor model, which means the section under our main domain ( is managed by the individuals known as site editors. The site editors are able to gain access to edit the sections or pages only after completing the CMS training. The trainings and the resources are available to all site editors to understand and familiarize with our CMS system.  

This page is created to support the academic and administrative units at the University of Wyoming to build and maintain a beautiful and user friendly website. 


Become a Site Editor


A site editor is someone who is responsible for creating, editing and maintaining the CMS site. Any employee at the University of Wyoming (full or part-time) is eligible to become a CMS site editor once they have completed a comprehensive training course. Site editing is a powerful way to manage your department’s website information. Site editors are responsible for making sure that the webpages are accessible, follows the brand standards and that the information is up to date. 


Become a Site Editor


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    Complete Training

    It is mandatory for the site editors to complete the training in order to gain access to Omni CMS. This will help the editors get familiar with our CMS platform and ensure that you understand the process of building a good web page. This training takes approximately 6-7 hours to complete. 

    CMS Training

    Once you complete training, you will be prompted to open a ticket and be added to the CMS. If you have already completed training, please refer to your final WyoLearn course screen for next steps.

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    Getting Support & Help

    We serve over 300 site editors across campus and may not be able to address your questions immediately. We have a lot of information across the site to guide you with your concerns and queries. 

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    Building your site

    After you have gained access to the Omni CMS platform, you are now all ready to build your webpage. There are several tools available to site editors to help create an effective and beautiful website. 


Current Site Editor

Site editors are an essential part of maintaining the UW website. The most successful site editors are those who maximize the available resources we have created for you including an extensive tutorial library. This page is designed to help assist you with some of the most common requests received by site editors. As always, if you need immediate assistance, please visit our support page. 


Site Editor Resources


Resources for Non-CMS Website

The sites that are not hosted or managed within our CMS platform are a non-CMS websites also know as "Central Sites". These sites are individually managed by a website editor and are supported by UWIT. The CMS site maintained by the Institutional Marketing has several limitations which is why we cannot accommodate any customization. If you are in need of a website that maintains a lot of data and need to have customization, a non-CMS site would be a best fit. To get started on that please fill out the CMS Exemption Form and you will be reached out by UWIT with further Instructions. 


Non-CMS Site Resources



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Latest Site Editor News

Your portal to stay informed about the latest web developments, "The Index Page" ensures site editors are well-equipped with the freshest tools and knowledge. Beyond updates, it's a wellspring of design inspiration, offering creative ideas to elevate your pages. Stay in the loop with the most requested tips and tricks to make your site editing journey as smooth as possible. Site editors will receive "The Index Page" newsletter in their email inbox. The newsletters can also be found on our CMS Site Author Newsletters home page. 


CMS Site Author Newsletters



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September 18, 2023

A blog article is not only a great way to help share information about your department from an authentic point-of-view, it can also boost your position in Google Search results!








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August 7, 2023

Beginning September 15, standard site editors will no longer be able to add custom CSS (cascading style sheets) and JavaScript to NEW web pages built inside Omni CMS. This is part of a continued effort to maintain a high level of security on our web servers and create a more consistent user experience across the UW website.


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