Richard E. Day Client Counseling Competition

Faculty Consultant: Professor Danielle Cover

The Client Counseling Competition provides an opportunity for law students to develop valuable skills in interacting with and proposing solutions for clients. Each team of two attorneys attempts to obtain the legally relevant information from the background factual context and then supplies the client with a preliminary summary of the client's legal position and the client's possible actions. The competition emphasizes communication and other interpersonal skills essential to sound representation of clients.

The Casper law firm of Williams, Porter, Day & Neville sponsors the intra-school competition. The National Client Counseling Competition is sponsored by the Law School Division of the American Bar Association.


2023-2024 Winners

Isaac Meline and Heidi Clawson

Client Counseling Competition winners and judges

Isaac Meline and Heidi Clawson (1Ls) with judges Stuart Day, Ryan Schwartz, and Jenna Hepp.


2022-2023 Winners

Lainee Jones and Emily Harmon

Client Counseling Competition 2022

Lainee Jones and Emily Harmon with judges Ryan Schwartz, Kylie Bovenzi, Layla Elmi and Ryan Ford


2021-2022 Winners

Jessie Salas and Cristina Salazar

Client Counseling 2021

Ryan Schwartz, Ewa Dawson, Cristina Salazar, Jessie Salas, Katie Hogarty, Brandi Monger

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