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Fall Public Lecture

As a public service, the Institute, along with the Wyoming Association of Professional Archaeologists and the State Historic Preservation office sponsors a public lecture each fall near the end of September in conjunction with the fall board meeting. These lectures are given by a prominent archaeologist, but are aimed at a general audience.  The lectures are free and open to the public.


Frison Lecture 2023


 Some recent lectures:

2022: Dr. Barbara Mills, The University of Arizona, From Frontier to Center Place: The Dynamic Trajectory of the Chaco World

2021: Dr. Jessi Halligan, Florida State University, Dark Waters and Murky Models: Perspectives on the Peopling of the Americas from Page-Ladson

2019: Dr. John Verano, Tulane University, Human Sacrifice in Ancient Peru.

2018: Dr. Stuart Fiedel, Louis Berger Group, Native American Origins.

2017: Dr. Charles Stanish, University of California at Los Angeles, New Insights on the Nazca Lines of Ancient Peru.

2016   Dr. Bonnie Pitblado, University of Oklahoma, The Role of the Rocky Mountains in the Peopling of the Americas.

2015    Dr. Stephen H. Lekson, University of Colorado, Boulder, A Millennium on the Meridian: One Thousand Years of Political and Ritual Power in the Ancient American Southwest.

2014    Dr. Jon McVey Erlandson, University of Oregon, From Coast to Coast: New Insights into the First Peopling of the Americas.

2013    Dr. Vance Holliday, University of Arizona, Hunting Gomphotheres at the End of the World: El Fin Del Mundo (Sonora, Mexico) and Clovis Archaeology in the Greater Southwest

2012    Dr. Curtis Marean, Arizona State University, Survivors on the Edge of Land and Sea:  Modern Human Origins and How Coastal Life Helped Make Us Unique.

2011    Dr. Mary Stiner, University of Arizona, Hunters of the European Late Lower Paleolithic.

2010    Dr. Ted Goebel, Texas A&M University, The Beringian Origins of the First Americans: Do Genes, Bones, and Stones Tell the Same Story?

2009    Dr. Janine Gasco, California State University at Dominguez Hills, Cacao Production and the economic and social role of chocolate in Mesoamerica.

2008    Dr. Gustavo Politis, University of La Plata, Argentina.

2007    Dr. Mark Aldenderfer, Arizona State University, high altitude adaptations in Tibet.

2006    Dr. Gary Haynes, University of Nevada, Reno, Clovis as a colonizing population.

2005    Dr. Margaret Conkey, University of California Berkeley

2004    Dr. David Meltzer, Southern Methodist University

2003    Dr. Dena Dincauze, University of Massachusetts

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