Department of Anthropology

David Rapson - Adjunct Professor

BA 1973, University of Michigan
MA 1981, University of New Mexico
Ph.D. 1990, University of New Mexico • 307-766-5323 • 318 Cultural Records Office


Dave Rapson is an archaeologist, working primarily on the North American Great Plains. His research interests include zooarchaeology, hunter-gatherer paleoecology, site structure, ArcGIS and other computerized applications, method and theory.

Recent/Selected Publications:

2007 "Archaeology of an Early 20th Century Carcass Disposal Pit, Division of Veterinary Medicine, Iowa State College," with Matthew G. Hill and George W. Beran. Plains Anthropologist, Volume 52, Number 204, Memoir 39. pdf

2008 "Geoarchaeology of the Clary Ranch Paleoindian Sites, Western Nebraska," with David W. May, Matthew G. Hill, Adam C. Holven, Thomas J. Loebel, Holmes A. Semken, Jr., and James L. Theler. In Roaming the Rocky Mountains and Environs: Geological Field Trips, edited by Robert G. Raynolds, pps. 265-293. Geological Society of America Field Guide 10, Geological Society of America, Boulder. pdf

2008 "Faunal Exploitation by Early Holocene hunter/gatherers on the Great Plains of North America: Evidence from the Clary Ranch Sites," with Matthew G. Hill, David W. May, Andrew R. Boehm, and Erik Otarola-Castillo. Quaternary International, 191:115-130. pdf

1999 "Linking Trajectories of Intra-site Faunal Use With Food Management Strategies at the Bugas-Holding Site: Attribute-based Spatial Analysis of a High Altitude Winter Habitation, Wyoming, U.S.A.," with Lawrence C. Todd. In Le Bison: Gibier et Moyen de Subsistance des Hommes du Paleolithique des Grandes Plaines, edited by Jean-Philip Brugal, Francine David, James G. Enloe, and Jacques Jaubert, pp. 455-478. Editions APDCA, Antibes, France. pdf

1988 "Long Bone Fragmentation and Interpretation of Faunal Assemblages: Approaches to Comparative Analysis," with Lawrence C. Todd, Journal of Archaeological Science 15:307-325. pdf


Research Interests:

Hunter-gatherer archaeology, zooarchaeology, site structure and spatial analysis, archaeological method and theory.


David Rapson
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