Department of Anthropology

Danny Walker - Adjunct Professor Archaeology

B.S. 1970, Fort Hays Kansas State College (Geology)
M.A. 1975, University of Wyoming
Ph.D. 1986, University of Wyoming (Zoology)

Dr. Walker is a native of Kansas, graduating from Fort Hays Kansas State College in 1970, with a degree in geology. While there, he worked as a museum assistant at the Sternberg Memorial Museum. He moved to Wyoming in 1970, as the curator of the University of Wyoming Geology Museum. In 1973, he began a graduate degree program in Anthropology, graduating with a Master's of Arts in 1975. He worked as an archaeological crew foreman for the Wyoming State Archaeologist's Office during that time. In 1975, he was promoted to Assistant State Archaeologist, a position he still holds today. In 1986, a doctorate in Zoology and Physiology was awarded to him by the University of Wyoming. He continues his education with short courses on archaeological and anthropological topics. He has been an adjunct faculty member of the University of Wyoming since 1976.

Dr. Walker's research record is documented by 59 referred publications; editor or co-editor of 3 books, 27 non-referred publications; 11 book reviews; 103 papers (oral and poster) presented at professional society meetings; 56 archaeological faunal reports from research or cultural resource management projects; and 120 unpublished cultural resource management reports he has prepared, both as senior author or junior author.

Dr. Walker is a Registered Professional Archaeologist and a member of several professional organizations, including Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, Society for American Archaeology, Plains Anthropological Society, Kansas Anthropological Association, American Society of Mammalogists, Wyoming Archeological Society, Montana Archaeological Society, Colorado Archaeological Society, South Dakota Archaeological Society, Wyoming Historical Society, Wyoming Public Employees Association, American Quaternary Association and Wyoming Association of Professional Archeologists. He has served on the Boards of Directors for the Fort Laramie Historical Association and was president of that board for two years. He has served on the board and as President of the Plains Anthropological Society.


Courses Taught:

Anthropology 4110/5110   Zooarchaeology I

Anthropology 4111/5111   Zooarchaeology II


Recent/Selected Publications:

Medicine Lodge Creek: Holocene archaeology of the eastern Big Horn Basin, Wyoming. Clovis Press, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 2007. (George C. Frison and Danny N. Walker, editors)

Mortality Date Estimation using Fetal Pronghorn Remains. International Journal of Osteoarchaeology 18:1-16, 2008. (Jack N. Fenner and Danny N. Walker) pdf

Pleistocene and Holocene records of Antilocapra americana: A review of the FAUNMAP data. In Pronghorn past and present (edited by Kevin Thompson and Jana Pastor). Plains Anthropologist Memoir 32:13-28. 2001 pdf

Preliminary bibliography on dogs and wolves: Stressing their prehistoric and historic occurrence; hybridization between dogs and wolves; and the domestication of the dog. In Dogs through time: An archaeological perspective (Proceedings of the 1st ICAZ Symposium on the History of the Domestic Dog; Eighth Congress of the International Council for Archaeozoology, August 23-29, 1998, Victoria B.C., Canada), edited by Susan J. Crockford. British Archaeological Reports (BAR) International Series 889:313-343. 2000 pdf

New World paleoecology at the last glacial maximum and the implications for New World prehistory. In: The world at 18,000 B.P.: Volume one: High latitudes, edited by Olga Sofer and Clive Gamble, pp. 312-330. Winchester, Massachusetts, Unwin Hyman, 1989 (George C. Frison and Danny N. Walker) pdf

Late Pleistocene/Holocene environmental changes in Wyoming: The mammalian record. In: Late Quaternary mammalian biogeography and environments of the Great Plains and Prairies, edited by Russell W. Graham, Holmes A. Semken, Jr., and Mary Ann Graham, Illinois State Museum, Scientific Papers 22:334-393, 1987 pdf



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