Department of Anthropology

Elizabeth Lynch - Adjunct Assistant Professor, Assistant Professional Lecturer

Ph.D. University of Wyoming
M.A. New Mexico State University, Las Cruces
B.A. University of Texas, Austin

Office: Anthro 335C

Elizabeth Lynch is an anthropological archaeologist interested in how landscapes become socialized through human interaction, thus anchoring social reproduction processes within an intelligible context. Her research combines oral tradition, with morphometric analysis and 3D modeling to better understand social experience at intensive food processing localities called bedrock ground stone features. Her project area is in the Chacuaco Plateau of southeastern Colorado, USA, although she has worked with photogrammetry and 3D modeling on osteological projects, and at Hell Gap.


Lynch, Elizabeth 2017 Bedrock ground stone features on Chacuaco Creek, southeastern Colorado. Plains Anthropologist.

Lynch, Elizabeth, Neffra Matthews, and Tom Noble 2017 Unraveling the enigma of prehistoric bedrock ground stone features on the Chaquaqua Plateau, using close-range photogrammetry. Quaternary International.

Lynch, Elizabeth 2017 Ancient shapes, modern measures: A quantitative method to describe and analyze bedrock ground stone. Journal of Archaeological Science Reports.

 Lynch, Elizabeth 2011 Navigating regional landscapes with Jicarilla personal narrative. In Landscape in Language Transdisciplinary Perspectives. Edited by David M, Mark, Andrew G. Turk, Nicclas Burenhult, and David Stea. pp 353-368. John Benjamin Publishing Company.




Courses Taught

ANTH1200 – Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

ANTH1300 – Introduction to Archaeology

ANTH 1100 – Introduction to Biological Anthropology

ANTH 2210 – North American Indians

ANTH 4200 – Primate Behavior and Ecology

Elizabeth Lynch


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