Department of Anthropology

Madeline Mackie - Adjunct Professor

B.A. 2011, University of California, Davis

M.A. 2014, University of Wyoming

Ph.D. 2019, University of Wyoming               

Mackie specializes in hunter-gatherers in western North America with a specific interest in the early Paleoindian period. She is currently working on the NSF-funded project Populating a Radiocarbon Database of North America with Dr. Robert Kelly. Her ongoing projects include the La Prele Mammoth site, a Clovis mammoth kill/scavenge with an associated camp, and the Bishop Mammoth. Additional research interests include photogrammetry, spatial analysis, computer simulation, quantitative methods, and identifying children in the archaeological record. She has conducted fieldwork in Wyoming, California, Nevada, and Mongolia for academic research and cultural resource management.

Selected/Recent Publications:

Zarzycka, Sandra E., Todd A. Surovell, Madeline E. Mackie, Spencer R. Pelton, Robert L. Kelly, Paul Goldberg, Janet Dewey, and Meghan Kent. 2019 Long Distance Transport of Red Ocher by Clovis Foragers, Journal of Archaeological Sciences: Reports 25:519-529.

Pelton, Spencer R., Rachael Shimek, Brigid Grund, Madeline E. Mackie, and Todd A. Surovell.  2018 The Wold Bison Jump (48JO966) and its Relation to the Ancestral Crow on the Northwest Plains. Plains Anthropologist 2018:1-25, DOI: 10.1080/00320447.2018.1464369.

Mackie, Madeline E., Todd Surovell, and Matthew O’Brien. 2015 Identifying Stone Alignments Created by Adults and Children: A Case Study from a Dukha Reindeer Herder Summer Camp, Khövsgöl Aimag, Mongolia. Sibirica 14(2):29-44.

Mackie, Madeline E.  2015 Estimating age and sex: Paleodemographic identification using rock art hand sprays, an application in Johnson County, Wyoming. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 3:333-341.

Eerkens, Jelmer W., Madeline E. Mackie, and Eric J. Bartelink 2013 Brackish Water Foraging: Isotopic Landscapes and Dietary Reconstructions in Suisun Marsh, Central California.  Journal of Archaeological Science 40(8):3270-3281.


Madeline Mackie

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